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Average monthly Dominion Power bill will jump to $108.77

Published 8:26am Friday, July 1, 2011

RICHMOND—Dominion Virginia Power’s more than 18,000 customers in Western Tidewater will see a $4.86 increase in electric bills starting today.

The utility is also asking for an additional 14-cent monthly increase to pay for converting three power plants, including one in Southampton County, to biomass-generating facilities. If the Virginia State Corporation Commission approves the request, the increase would go into effect on April 1. The plants currently use coal to fuel the power stations.

The average residential customer’s monthly bill, effective today, will increase from $103.91 to $108.77 to cover the utility’s costs for fuel, said David Botkins, spokesman with Dominion Virginia Power in Richmond.

“We have a number of commodities to generate electricity,” Botkins said. “Coal, uranium for nuclear plants, natural gas that power our gas generating stations and oil.”

Converting plants in Southampton County, Altavista and Hopewell will cost a total of $165 million, or $55 million per station. Set to be completed in 2013, the conversion will increase Dominion’s renewable generation capacity to power 37,500 homes.

The switch to fueling the plants with waste wood left over from regional timber operations would reduce nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, mercury and particulate emissions and meet emissions standards established by the state Department of Environmental Quality and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Dominion claims the rate adjustment will allow the utility to collect financing costs over time as projects begin, lessening the larger rate impact that could occur when power stations go into service.

Once construction is completed, it’s unknown if the 14 cents will be removed from bills.

“It should decrease or go away completely,” Botkins said. “I can’t say that with complete certainty.”

  • workingtodamill

    Dominion is getting tax credits and other incentives to do this, other wise they wouldn’t even bother. So now they’re gonna get all that AND you gotta pay for it????? No wonder the ceo just got a HUGE bonus.

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  • FromHere

    I like my Community Electric Cooperative service. Never had a problem in 40 years.

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  • socolady

    I hate to pay ANY INCREASE to Dominion Power considering the terrible service we receive in the Capron/Drewryville area. Over the last 5 weeks our electricty has been off 4 times. A total of over 24 hours. I think with the money we are paying for their service they should keep the trees off of the lines and keep the lines from breaking. Most of these times there has not even been a storm in our area. I have called them but they have not returned my phone calls li8ke they said they would. I would like to have choices in the power company because I would definately not choose Domonion Power.

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  • DryRain

    Must be nice to be average.

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  • SandMan

    Did I read this correctly? Will jump TO $108.77? Mine was $700+ last summer. Of course, I live in Franklin, Va.

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    • employee2

      Sandman if you were on Dominion that $700 would be more.

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    • concernedcitizen

      sandman….do you realize that this 108.77 is based upon an average usage of 1000 KWH. Get your head out of the sand and look at your bill and see what your KWH usage was on your Franklin bill. You will see that your usage on Dominion would be much higher because dominion’s rate is higher than franklin’s. before you spout off nonsense like you just did, you must compare the same things. notice what the article says……AVERAGE MONTHLY BILL! for your bill to be 700, you either did not pay your bill last month or your usage is WAY over 100 KWH!

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      • 2xhokiepapa

        In addition, did the amount of water, sewer and garbage come off the $700. bill?

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