Authorities prepare to decontaminate a garage and two homes at Midway Trailer Park, where three meth labs were discovered this morning. KATE ARCHER/TIDEWATER NEWS

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Four arrested in meth lab bust

Published 11:31am Thursday, March 1, 2012

COURTLAND—Authorities arrested four people after busting a suspected meth lab in a Courtland trailer park on Thursday.

Charged with manufacturing the drug in Southampton County’s first-ever meth lab bust were Crystal Drake, 28, and Johnny Ray Chapman, 47, both of Courtland, said Major Gene Drewery with the Sheriff’s Office.

Also arrested during the raid, but not charged with the meth operation were Emmanuel Colendrino, 43, address unknown, and Shelton H. Cobb, 47, of Courtland. Colendrino is wanted in Sussex County and Cobb in Isle of Wight County, both on contempt of court charges.

Fifty officers at 9 a.m. raided the labs at Midway Trailer Park at Old Bridge and Jerusalem roads following an undercover investigation that lasted several months, Drewery said. No one resisted arrest.

It’s believed the meth was being manufactured in a garage at the trailer park and inside two trailers, he said.

Police found three grams of meth and items needed to produce the illegal drug. They charged Drake and Chapman because it was in their trailer that most of the manufacturing materials were found, Drewery said.

Drake was charged with conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine and failing to pay support. Chapman was charged with possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine, possession of marijuana and conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine.

Also involved in the raid were Meherrin Task Force, Virginia State Police, U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and Virginia Marine Resource Commission.

Search warrants for manufacturing and selling methamphetamine were served at three separate Jerusalem Road addresses, Drewery said.

Because of the volatile nature of the methamphetamine manufacturing process and the potential hazardous exposure, the DEA’s Clandestine Lab Eradication Team and Virginia State Police Tactical Team served the warrants.

  • SandMan

    Q: What does a hurricane in Florida, a divorce in North Carolina & a meth lab bust in Virginia have in common?

    A: Either way, someone’s gonna lose a trailer!

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  • Makalani

    RE: “… makes a nice explosion too.”

    10,000% agreement! I have seen pics in the media what meth explosions do to houses/trailers.

    Luckily — if one is a meth head — these alleged meth cookers knew their “bizness!” Unluckily — their body parts could have been scattered about the trailer park along with parts of the trailer by a meth style “IED!”

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  • FromHere

    Mak, makes a nice explosion too.

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  • Makalani

    As a commentator said under another article: “Oh well another small business gone under!!!!!!!”

    Seriously — meth heads not only manufacture a deadly poison with their labs — the toxic chemicals used to concoct it also poison the environment. I don’t think meth crazed crazies use EPA guidelines when dumping their used toxic chemicals.

    This bust is a twofer — getting rid of a source of illegal drugs and illegal dumping of toxic chemicals — probably into the Nottoway!

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  • homegirl

    The meth has taken it’s toll on the girl for sure.

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  • cqbarbie

    I would guess because of the proximity (not sure spelled correct) to the beautiful Nottoway River.

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  • FromHere

    Jeff Turner, good question. I was wondering that myself.

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  • southerngal

    Good Job Southampton !!! * claps claps claps claps *

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  • Jeff Turner

    Great Job getting that insidious drug/lab outa there.Does anybody know why VMRC was involved?

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  • employee2
  • thomasmore

    we gonna get the names of the suspects?

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  • courtland81

    Great job to everyone involved in getting this off the streets of our town!

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  • zuni1

    OK, qo which is it? The headline says 5 arrested, the article says 4. I think you guys need a new proof reader.

    Kudos to the Southampton Sheriff’s department. thank you for getting this scum off the streets and stopping this manufacturing operation.

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  • Maxdoubt

    Thank You! This is an insidious drug and needs to be stopped wherever it is found. Throw the book at them and anyone else who is manufacturing this poison in our community.

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