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Land transfers

Published 8:59am Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Southampton County
City of Franklin
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Amanda Blankenship, 313 Fairview Drive, $135,000
JRN Inc. to Tuavi LLC, 1290 Armory Drive, $1,118,720
Stone Place LLC to Wiedemann Ranch Inc., 1290 Armory Drive, $1,250,000
Kyle W. and Mary Frances Holmes to Jack R. and Joan C. Queen, 1008 N. High St., $205,000
Recontrust Co. to Bank of America, 1205 Clay St., $304,295
Towne Development Corp. to R.W. Tyler and Associates LTD, lots, $0
Recontrust Co. to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, 404 W. Fourth Ave., $98,705

Franklin District
Fannie Mae to Oris Bowers Sr., 31132 Smiths Ferry Road, $30,000
Mary M. and Luther T. Lawrence to Maryauna Kumm, .5255 acres at 28209 Pretlow Road, $53,000
Samuel I. White P.C. to Federal National Mortgage Association, 31058 Camp Parkway, $212,135
Fannie Mae to Benjamin T. Lane, 20044 Black Creek Road, $163,000
Barry K. and Toni D. Nolf to Maynard Charles Griffin Jr., 31003 Country Club, $92,000
Fannie Mae to George R. Vansant, 29392 Deer Trail, $128,000

Newsoms District
David Lee Jr. to Timothy Tuck, lot, $123,000
Equity Trustees LLC to Wells Fargo Bank, 34021 Sunbeam Road, $199,176
Evans and Bryant PLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 33468 Doctors Road, $80,885

Town of Newsoms
Nancy Sykes Strachan to Newsoms United Methodist Church
George L. Thorpe to Newsoms United Methodist Church, 20-foot easement for access on Main Street, $2,500
Timothy B. and Mary P. Parrish to Stephen J. and Rebecca P. West, 22466 East Depot St., $95,000

Capron District
David K. Britt to Gregory D. Sawyer, Whitehouse Tract, $800
Gene A. Taylor Jr. to Ricky R. and Dora G. Gurganus, 74 and 125 acres, $335,000
Paul Douglas Camp Marks to Texie Camp Marks, 8 acres at 23174 Popes Station Road, $310,000
Boykins District
Howard Carter and Maria Worrell to Jeremy G. Drake, 4.75 acres on Odom Chapel Road, $100,000

Town of Boykins
Shirley Timothy Copeland to Larry K. and Delores P. Pope, .169 acres at 18036 Virginia Ave., $25,000
Walter B. Wilson to Caressa T. Knick, lot, $40,000
Lewis Kent and Joyce H. Clark to Larry D. Gifford, 18302 Bryant Ave., 187,560

Drewryville District
Michael Eugene Lovitt to Bruce E. and Teresa G. Woolridge, 16.399 acres, $18,000

Berlin-Ivor District
Dennis H. and Debra P. Clarke to Harewell Homestead LLC, 239 acres, $0
Dennis H. and Debra P. Clarke to Harvell Farm LLC, 20 acres, $0
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Greg Bunner, 5 acres, $145,000

Town of Branchville
Mary Jane Simmons to Wallace Robert Simmons Jr., lots, $5,520
Wm. S. Wirt Construction Inc. to Terry K. and Kimberly S. Morrison, 34275 Unity Road, $195,000

Town of Courtland
Bank of America to Wakefield Holdings Co., 26278 Moreland St., $22,000

Jerusalem District
Lynne H. Rabil to Jonathan A. and Robin M. Hudgins, two acres, $225,000

Isle of Wight County
Windsor District
Bronco Federal Credit Union to Frank B. Williams, two parcels on Old Myrtle Road, $70,000
Tommie L. Holloway to Alice B. Cottle, 1.328 acres, lot one of Martha Joyner Cutchin property, $103,500
James C. Stilner to Heather S. Midgette, addition to James C. Stiltner property, $0
Susie M. Copeland to John Stephen Rawls, 12.160 acres of Susie M. Copeland Property, $0

Town of Windsor
JF Schoch Building Corp. to Bradley L. Stewart, lot 136 phase four of Wellington Park

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