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Citizens Association thankful for invitation

Published 9:57am Wednesday, August 22, 2012

To the Editor:

The Isle of Wight Citizens Association thanks Mr. Jerry A. Bridges, executive director of the Virginia Port Authority, for inviting the association to visit the Port Authority when he was our guest this past spring.

We accepted his invitation. It was a great learning experience for the association members that attended. Everyone that can, should visit this, the most efficient terminal of its kind in North America.

The Association learned that Isle of Wight County has to be ready to play in this economic game if we expect to have a true economic development to ensure a brighter future for our county. Working together we can bring about this brighter future.

The Isle of Wight Citizens Association is ready; we invite you to join us.

Grace Keen
President, Isle of Wight Citizens Association

  • BlindSquirrel

    All iow Citizen Association members were invited. Are you a member? The IOW Citizen Association reimbursed the county for the food. And I cannot believe anyone still believes everything the Smithfield Times prints. One would be better to check facts their self, before believing the Smithfield Times.

    Suggest Removal

  • Liberty With Responsibility

    Smithfield Times reported that the county provided county vehicles and drivers to/from the port, PLUS took everyone out to eat lunch at the new fu-fu Bridges restaurant by the James River Bridge, all on the taxpayer. Did YOU get an invitation to go on the tax dollar?

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