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Hunting uncertain for 2,300 acres in IOW

Published 1:48pm Saturday, September 8, 2012

ISLE OF WIGHT—Public access will be allowed on portions of more than 2,300 acres Isle of Wight County has agreed to leave undeveloped to help conserve rare tree species.

The county hasn’t yet discussed whether hunting or fishing will be allowed, said IOW spokesman Don Robertson.

“Fishing might be a possibility,” he said. “I don’t know if we’d open it up to hunting. Anytime you have hunting involved there’s the potential for liability issues.”

In addition, the county plans to allow hiking and horseback riding on the property between Proctor’s Bridge and Broadwater roads in Carrsville and will build a launch site for canoes and kayaks, Robertson said.

The land has 5½ miles of frontage on the Blackwater River.

The county in 2010 purchased the land for $5 million from Conservation Forestry in Exeter, N.H., for conservation purposes.

The county received $850,000 from the federal Forest Legacy Program Fund, $566,000 from the Virginia Land Conservation Fund and $75,000 from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to help with the purchase.

The county was paid $947,000 to enter into a conservation easement with the state Department of Forestry and the state Department of Conservation and Recreation.

Julie Buchanan, a spokeswoman for DCR, said about a third of the land would become the Blackwater Sandhills Natural Area Preserve, the 61st such preserve in the state.

“These are places that have exceptional habitat for rare plant and animal species,” she said.

The county’s land includes old growth cypress and Tupelo gum trees.

In addition, rare longleaf pine will also be planted throughout the 815-acre preserve, she said.

The Department of Forestry will oversee management of the land, but the county will retain ownership.

“This easement will forever protect from development a key forested property that fronts a critical source of clean water while increasing recreational opportunities and enhancing wildlife habitat in the area,” said State Forester Carl Garrison.

“It’s a big win for residents of Isle of Wight County and all the citizens of the Commonwealth.”

  • skooch

    @Makalani: You still haven’t retired from being Brownie at the Barnum and Bailey Circus. You are still putting your head in a body orifice on a regular basis. LOLTMSH

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  • Makalani

    RE: “…who do you think pays for the upkeep … if the state mainatins … staffs … with rangers?”

    Thanks for the very valuable info on the benefits provided by hunters generating $millions in revenue for conservation and other worthwhile projects. I know that hunting is a $multi-billion dollar$ “activity.” I don’t call it a sport because firepower makes it mostly a one-sided proposition! Hunting grizzlies with a bow and arrow would be sport because that would be a 50-50 proposition. lol

    But I digress! We can have nature preserves closed to hunters even if their fees help to maintain the preserves. Many cities — some with 1000s of rural acres — despite having deer invading residential neighborhoods — do not allow hunting within their city limits. Is that unfair to hunters who pay taxes to those cities?

    It is not like hunters have an ABSOLUTE right to hunt wherever they want by virtue of fees paid to DGIF!

    As far as managing herds by harvesting — death by predation/starvation/disease or death with a high-powered rifle is still death. Death by disease — starvation and predation by other animals are Mother Nature’s controls for animal populations.

    Have hunters decided that their harvesting methods are preferable to Mother Nature’s natural controls? If so — they should lobby for veterinarians — feeding stations and security guards in the woods to protect wild animals that they don‘t “harvest!” lol

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  • Ol Skinny

    ANYONE know where you can lease private land in this area to hunt on?

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  • Makalani

    RE: “DCR allows hunting on its other Natural Areas…”

    The bureaucrats and politicians in Richmond do a lot of illogical/nonsensical things. Gunnutz/hunters may be more vocal/successful in influencing them about their rights to murder …errr…errr… “harvest animals” in preserves.

    Maybe nature lovers should get more vocal — as I am doing — about their rights to observe and shoot animals with Nikons without dodging hot lead from gunnutz/hunters!!

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    • zuni1

      And who do you think pays for the upkeep of the land if the state comes in and mainatins it and staffs it with rangers? The hunters and fishermen do.

      Since it’s establishment in 1916, the DGIF has been a special fund agency, which means it has to pay for itself by generating revenue through the sale of hunting and fishing licenses and boating permits. Hunters and fishermen across this country are the ones who foot the bill for most of the conservation efforts. I was happy to see that this year they started charging non-hunters for access permits to use the wildlife areas that the hunters and fishermen have paid for. Especially when the so-called nature lovers raised such a stink about possibly allowing hunting on Sundays.

      Have you ever heard of animals starving in areas that did not allow hunting because of over population? I witnessed it first hand in Northern Virginia. The wildlife has to be managed to stay healthy. Otherwise, over crowding leads to starvation and sickness in the wild herds. And yes, managing means allowing the harvesting of wildlife. It is much more humane to harvest an animal than it is to let them slowly starve to death or contract diseases and die a slow death.

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  • Makalani

    @Old Guy: I stand — not sit! HE thank you! Makalani = “one who writes” from the Maweri tribe in Kenya.

    RE: “Mak is a contorsionist …”
    “BINGO! How did you know? I was a contortionist with Barnum & Bailey circus for 25 years putting my head up a body orifice — made a fortune — banked it and retired. My performing name was “Brownie — The Amazing Contortionist!” LOL

    Now I am a full-time pundit “stirring the pot” with empty rhetoric.

    Speaking of empty rhetoric — you have an opinion on the topic — hunting/murdering animals in the preserve?

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  • Makalani

    RE: “…you are paying someone else to do your killing…”
    Except for an occasional piece of dead fish — I ate my last piece of dead animal 41 years ago — June 1971.

    Back to the topic! Hunters may also trample and destroy rare plant species and accidentally kill rare animal species in their quests to “harvest/murder animals!” Not to mention lead contamination from their willy-nilly blasting.

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  • Ethan

    “In addition, the county plans to allow hiking and horseback riding on the property between Proctor’s Bridge and Broadwater roads in Carrsville…”

    Okay, my geography may be fuzzy. But I didn’t think Procotor’s Bridge Road or Broadwater Road were anywhere near Carrsville. I thought they were near Ivor. Google Maps also seems to think so. So either the reporter or I can’t read a map.

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  • RoyDeSoto

    No hunting because of liability? Well then, I guess Virginia should stop selling hunting licenses.

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  • Makalani

    It would be nice to have an open space area open to hiking — horseback riding — bird/animal watching without dodging hot lead from hunters/gunnutz. Hunters/gunnutz roaming about blasting and murdering defenseless animals would put innocent nature lovers in peril!

    There is a variety/plethora of fresh meat in Food Lion/Sprawl-Mart. But if hunters/gunnutz can’t afford a pound of pig’s feet — prefer to murder defenseless animals with telescopic sights/harvest their own meat — there are 1,000s of other acres available in IOW for “harvesting animals!”

    Ban hunting in the preserve! Present and future generations will be eternally grateful — not to mention someone NOT killed/maimed by a stray bullet fired by some hunter/gunnut.

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    • windsor52

      Really? DCR allows hunting on its other Natural Areas; don’t see why it would be different here.

      Sounds like Makalani must be a big landowner in IOW; appears 1000′s of “other” acres are now availiable for harvesting animals.

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      • OldGuy

        @Windsor52, just let him/her rant and spew. After reading Makalani’s posts for the last couple years it has become obvious to me that he/she gets on here to stir the pot and hardly ever has anything of value to add. Either Makalani’s head is in the sand or Mak is a contorsionist who has it’s head somewhere we all thought was impossible to put it.

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    • Zunikiang

      The only difference between a hunter harvesting meat and you buying at the Food Lion is you are paying someone else to do your killing.

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