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Supervisors’ comments about pay disturbing

Published 9:06am Friday, September 14, 2012

To the Editor:

I recently read the story (“Southampton boards asked to give up pay,” Sept. 9) about the watchdog group asking board members to forgo their pay for three years.

My hat goes off to the members who have or would agree to do so. (Southampton County Supervisor Chairman) Mr. (Dallas) Jones said “the county is not broke. We have a healthy amount of money we can fall back on.”

What! Are you kidding me?

Where is this mountain of cash? Why are the taxpayers asked to foot a new $200 trash tax, or the county will be broke? Mr. West’s “so be it comment” was just plain insensitive and down right rude!

I just shake my head as I read this? Unbelievable! Remember this voters!

Larry Smith

  • Makalani

    “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” George Orwell, “Animal Farm.”

    Does it really matter whether politicians are paid or not paid or how much they are paid? Their compensation doesn’t seem to determine the quality of their representation.

    I think that Orwell’s quote comes into play with many politicians and bureaucrats. Once appointed/elected — many become intoxicated with the power of their position. Like the guy working for/apparently living in SoCo but ignoring the VA DMV rules.

    Some — like Mr. Jones, Mr. West — are not shy about speaking frankly/thumbing their noses at voters! “C’MON BRING IT! WHAT CAN YOU DO BUT VOTE ME OUT!” LOL Others may share similar arrogant attitudes but may be more diplomatic.

    One would think that Mr. Jones — the BOS chairperson — would have accurate knowledge of SoCo’s finances. If he is quoted correctly — “the county is not broke” — despite overwhelming voter opposition — the $200 garbage fee rammed down the throats of SoCo voters seems like an unnecessary exercise of power by the BOS! George Orwell’s quote at work?

    RE: “Remember this voters!”
    Perhaps in the next election the voters will sweep out the present incumbents and replace them with a fresh set of politicians who will PROMISE during the campaign to:
    1. “Hold the line on tax increases ….”
    2. “Stop out-of-control SoCo spending ….”
    3. “Put an end to wasteful SoCo spending ….”
    4. “Give the power back to the voters/people….”
    5. _________________________________________
    (Please insert other empty campaign promises repeated ad nauseam/ad infinitum during EVERY election)

    My solution before breaking out the checkbook — “Pay to the order of SoCo/City of Franklin/IRS etc etc…”

    Do lots of limbering exercises — practice grabbing one’s ankles from an upright position — buy Vaseline at the $$store in volume because you know what‘s coming! LOL

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  • Liberty With Responsibility

    someone else previously said here, if we demand the BOS work for free, all we will end up with in office as supervisors is people who have nothing else going for them in life, and we don’t want to put people like that in charge either. Let us be wise and realize what we may be asking for here–we may regret it down the road. These people do a LOT of work in these positions–it is not a free ride. Let us be careful what we wish for. . . . . .

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    • kingradman

      tO lIBERTY, I am not sugessting that anyone work for free. The economy is not doing so well. There are a lot of folks struggling to make ends meet. I think it would be a good gesture on there part to at least take a pay cut. The fact that Mr west and Mr Jones are so insenitive to this make my head spin! They were quite disrespectful, arrogant and plain rude. They should applogise

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    • Maxdoubt

      A. The request is a temporary measure so I’m not sure how far “down the road” a problem would occur. I have not heard anyone suggest that all supervisors in the future should serve without pay.

      B. Regarding the types of people who would serve without pay; Surely you are not saying that the current supervisors who have agreed to return their pay “have nothing else going for them in life”. It seems to me that successful business people or farmers or professionals are the types of people who can afford to give back to the community and serve without pay. (temporarily)

      C. What a silly thing for these two supervisors to say. They would have been better off just saying “no comment”.

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  • FromHere

    Exactly how I felt, Mr. Smith. I’m done defending them. We’re either broke or not. And such a big deal was made about the former sheriff getting $1800 a month to look at batteries and generators for radio towers, then they turned right around and gave him the job back. Like all politicians, I have no clue what they’ll do next. I’m pretty disgusted right now.

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    • FromHere

      Maybe I should say “disillusioned” instead of disgusted, but not much difference.

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      • kingradman

        to from Here. I think some should retire. They are not serving the tax payers. They are arrogant and not very nice. If they hate the job so much why did they run for the job?

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