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You asked: Participants needed for chili cook-off success

Published 11:54am Saturday, September 15, 2012

You asked: What will it take to revive the DFA chili cook-off?

FRANKLIN—Downtown Franklin Association for three years sponsored a chili cook-off, but with only one participant last year, the early November event was sidelined.

The same problem threatens the event this year, said DFA Executive Director Dan Howe.

“If you don’t have cookers, there’s nothing for people to come to,” Howe said. “That’s the biggest problem.”

The event at Barrett’s Landing reached its peak in 2009 when 12 to 13 cooks participated.

Event Chairwoman Mable Parker, owner of Mable’s Barber Shop, contacted previous participants and only received confirmation from one or two.

“I’m still working on it,” Parker said. “I’ve got one, possibly two, so we’ll see.”

Some have plans, while others were concerned about the $50 entry fee plus the cost of ingredients.

“We can’t go down on the entry fee because that’s the prize money,” she said.

Howe and Parker say it would take at least six participants to hold the event.

Parker noted that in the past teams from International Paper participated.

“We had a very successful event when we still had people working at the mill,” Parker said. “We’re still missing teams from there.”

Howe said the organization has been kicking around other ideas for an event next year to take the replace of the chili cook-off. They include a wine tasting and a Christmas dance.


  • curious

    As a former participant, this is the first I have heard of the chili cookoff this year. I even went to their (DFA) website and it is not listed on the event schedule.

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  • FromHere

    Not to mention having to pay $50 to cook a pot of chilli.

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  • sedge

    I couple of friends of mine entered the contest a couple of years back and they commented, the Health Inspector was so tight on them about maintaining proper temperatures of the meat and other rules and regs., it wasn’t worth it and was not fun.

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    • commoncents

      Had the same problem at a BBQ cookoff a few years back.It was alot more fun when we could serve up undercooked meat with dirty hands LOL. Funny thing is I don’t remember anyone getting sick except the ones who drank to many adult beverages.

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