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2016: Obama’s America a documentary everyone should see

Published 10:13am Friday, September 21, 2012

by Chuck Lilley

Rating: Four thumbs up out of five

I found the content within this 90-minute documentary disturbing, but regardless of political affiliation, all Americans should see the film and draw their own conclusions.

The fact that it was produced by a veteran Hollywood filmmaker in Gerald Molen (“Schindler’s List,” “Rain Man,” “Jurassic Park”) creates worthwhile entertainment value.

The film is crisply narrated by Dinesh D’Souza, President of The King’s College in New York City. He has much in common with President Obama. Both come across as highly personable, both are 51 years old, both have an Ivy League education (D’Souza was Phi Beta Kappa from Dartmouth), and both come from humble beginnings (the narrator grew up in Mumbai, India).

Many facts from the documentary also appear within D’Souza’s New York Times best-selling book, “The Source of Obama’s Rage,” but he mainly relies upon passages from Obama’s own memoir, “Dreams from My Father,” in an attempt to follow Obama’s philosophical compass.

Like a well-trained prosecutor, D’Souza constructs a logical case for understanding both Obama’s worldview and his rationale for “transforming” America and traditional American values. In doing so, he takes his audience on a fascinating journey that begins at the gravesite of Obama’s father in Kenya, followed by stops in Indonesia and Hawaii.

Interviews are conducted with George Obama, the President’s half-brother, with professional colleagues of Obama’s natural father and with professors who taught Obama’s parents at the University of Hawaii.

One professor provides alarming evidence to support exposure of the young Barry Soetoro (Obama’s legal name until later in his college years) to Frank Marshall Davis, a close family friend and mentor. Davis is vetted as a controversial card-carrying communist who consistently wrote controversial “anti-American” articles for The Honolulu Record newspaper throughout the 1960s.

Among Obama’s Columbia University college professors who are mentioned is Edward Said, a controversial voice for many political groups that advocated Israel’s outright destruction. In fairness to the President, the extent of professorial influence on college students can be highly speculative.

D’Souza’s journey depicts modern-day Obama as a product of bitter, anti-colonial parental freedom fighters. He provides evidence of their parental views towards Western colonizers, specifically the British and the Dutch, as having unfairly exploited the wealth of Kenya and Indonesia for Western material gain.

From their influence, D’Souza extrapolates that Obama’s conscious actions as President, his “Dream,” reflect a desire to succeed where his deceased father failed in ridding Kenya of all vestiges of Western influence. This premise D’Souza offers, would arguably account for much of President Obama’s anti-Western, anti-capitalistic, anti-Israeli, pro-Muslim and pro-Palestinian deference and confusing world apologies.

No doubt, D’Souza provides another dimension towards answering, “Who is the real Obama and what does he stand for?” Whether the audience buys into his premise as either largely psychological babble or as representing an accurate basis for Obama’s worldview, likely depends on one’s decided voting preference. My own view is that D’Souza is probably on to something, but that the truth lies somewhere in between.

Regardless of the potential audience disagreement with the film’s premise, what is not in doubt is that President Obama continues to overwhelmingly receive the benefits of a supportive, non-inquisitive media. Such media complicity has allowed premises such as those suggested by Mr. D’Souza to become nationally prominent.

Media devotion to the Democratic candidate is underscored within this documentary through an exchange between veteran media commentators Tom Brokaw and Charlie Rose. In an astonishing moment of candor, they acknowledge their inability to understand the worldview of President Obama.

Undeterred, both men are on record as being two of the President’s more vocal supporters.

A thinking-informed citizenry expects intellectual rigor to be central to the job descriptions of national commentators. The film’s example of media job performance failure as exemplified by Brokaw and Rose is a prime reason why “2016:Obama’s America” has been so well received in theaters across the nation despite its limited promotional budget.

The return engagement of this documentary is playing at the Cinemark Cinemas in Chesapeake Square Mall and Harbour View Grande Cinemas in Suffolk

CHUCK LILLEY of Franklin is a retired corporate manager. His email address is

  • handkusp45

    Makalani, You are correct. I happen to think that the killing of unborn children is the number one issue in the USA. I also think a US President “coming out” for gay marriage is a disgrace. I believe he swore an oath to defend the Constitution. He certainly hasn’t done that. He hasn’t protected US citizens or diplomats for that matter. I could go on and on about what is wrong with this Administration but you already know. You just don’t care. I learned a lot when you said you voted for Cynthia McKinney. My, My, My. And I have a two word rebuttal for you. Obama’s Record.

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  • happycamper

    I’m afraid that the distribution of this movie might result in riots in the Arab world. Can’t disparage them thar Muslims, you know!?

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  • mmtwinsmom

    @ Makalani- I want to apologize for saying that you sound angry. That is not the way to sway anyone’s opinion. I don’t believe it is possible anyway.

    With that being said, I find it even more disturbing that you voted for Cynthia McKinney. First of all, was she even on the ballot in Virginia? Second, she is the lawmaker that believed 9/11 was caused by Bush…Really!!!!???? She also hit a Capital Hill Police car.

    I would prefer to give money to Israel, a country that supports freedom and democracy than to countries such as Egypt and Libya that now support the Muslim Brotherhood and cannot protect or worse won’t protect our Diplomats. The United Nations is a joke. If you were the only country in the Middle East surrounded by enemies then you might show reason for concern as well.

    I don’t blame the Liberal Media for anything. I believe they are the blind sheep and are almost desperate in their attempts to keep President Obamam in office.

    The problem with anti-Capitalist movements or the issue of Romney making too much money is ridiculous. How do Liberals think all of their wonderful programs and freebies will be supported if someone isn’t out there making money to pay taxes. Where do they think the Government’s money comes from? It is our money, the people of the United States. One of the main reasons we get so many immigrants to our country is because they believe in the American Dream. For me, it is not even about the candidate. My voting is based on the direction that I believe the country should be moving toward.

    As far as the employment numbers go…the real numbers are not out there now. What is reported doesn’t include the people that have simply dropped out of the workforce all together. The actual number is much higher than 8.1 percent.

    I will never sway you on anything. I realize that. I do however hope that you will at least listen to an opposing point of view as well.

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  • Makalani

    @handkusp45– I have a one word rebuttal for your comments — “ABORTION!” lol

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  • Makalani

    RE: “Makalani, you must spend all of your time on blogs being angry.”

    How is my presenting an opposing POV to the lopsided mostly conservative/Republican claptrap in this paper/forum being angry? One person’s perception of anger is another person’s being very opinionated. But you are certainly entitled to your perceptions.

    FYI– I didn’t vote for President Obama in the last election — I voted for Cynthia McKinney. Nor will I vote for him in this one. Of course — I had pride as Black man when he was elected but I am over all that.

    When Prez Obama stepped up the cowardly drone attacks in the “Global War on Terror” — he became just another useful tool of the warmongers in the Pentagon and the Military Industrial Complex what Prez Ike warned us about when he left office.

    By whose moral authority can the USA summarily execute — with cowardly drone attacks — men/women/children anywhere in the world — simply by declaring them terrorists? The US has even summarily executed American citizens with cowardly drone attacks! Obama lost me a long time ago!

    RE: “… more of a balance in the support of Israel.”
    You misread my remarks. There should be more balance relative to the POTUS not kowtowing and trembling in their boots when Israel throws temper tantrums/makes demands. Israel is our client state — not the other way around — we have give them 100s of $billions$ — not the other way around — “the tail shouldn’t wag the dog!”

    Israel is a “a rogue nation” — using Dubya’s term for nations that defy UN mandates! In Israel’s case stealing Arab land — committing atrocities against Arabs and routinely committing human rights violations. Despite Israel doing as they damn well please — including attacking the US Liberty in 1967 and killing 34 crew members — and SPYING on us (Pollard) — the US borrows “billions” from China every year and gives it to them.

    If previous POTUS had put Israel in check — Prez Obama wouldn’t have to. Netanyahu is chomping at the bit to attack Iran — start World War III and angry at Obama for not going along with his cockamamie war plans.

    RE: “Have chosen liberals to monitor the debates ….”
    It’s very conceivable that Prez Obama — though not directly but through intermediaries — might well have used his power as POTUS to influence the selection of moderators for the debates who would be favorable to him. That is called the “power of incumbency.”

    Do you think bad employment numbers will come out of the Labor Dept between now and the election? According to other bureaucrats in D.C. who will lose their jobs if Gov Romney wins — housing starts after many years of stagnation — have suddenly jumped! “YEAH RIGHT!” LOL

    The 43 POTUS preceding Obama have also used the “power of incumbency” to aid their re-election bids. Are we to hold this guy to a different standard?

    I understand conservatives’ frustration and wanting to blame “the liberal media” for Gov. Romney’s seemingly floundering in the polls and an “anti-America Socialist” guy seemingly rising.

    According to a Fox news poll — Prez Obama is leading in VA. Has Fox news suddenly become part of the liberal media bending gullible-sheep-like Americans to the liberal agenda?

    The problem is not “the liberal media” brainwashing — misinforming — not informing — influencing gullible Americans’ minds. Gov Romney is a WEAK CANDIDATE! He was chosen from an equally weak field. He was the lesser of evils between Perry — Gingrich — Santorum — Paul — and that dingbat Bachmann. Gov Romney’s deep pockets and connections to rich donors propelled him into the candidacy — not his appeal to the base constituiency of Republicans.

    You might want to sit down for this — many Southern evangelicals — a huge part of the (R) base — won’t say it out loud but Gov Romney’s religion and being a rich guy is a problem. Of course — many will hold their noses and vote for him rather than vote (D) but many are not enthusiastically embracing and working for Gov. Romney’s election. Fox news won’t tell you that! lol

    Prez Obama has not exactly been Thomas Jefferson in his first term. D’Souza’s movie/hit piece/propaganda — the opinion pieces in this forum extolling the virtues of Gov Romney/Republicanism and the conservative talking heads denigrating Obama ad infinitum/ad nauseam cannot change the fact that the GOP picked a WEAK candidate to unseat him.

    I hope Gov Romney wins in an upset! I don’t think I can take 4 more years of conservatives/(Rs)whining about Obama being “anti-Western, anti-capitalistic, anti-Israeli, pro-Muslim, [has] pro-Palestinian deference” — apologizes to the world — is not a citizen/is a socialist/is a communist sympathizer/hates America/will undo our system of checks and balances and bring America to its knees!

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  • mmtwinsmom

    Way to go Chuck. You have given a non-partisn review of a movie. Yet, you are being critized by some for the content. That is to be expected I suppose.

    I think one of the reasons for the movie in the first place is the media bias. You can say all that you want to about Fox news but at least they try to give both sides of an arguement. All of the other stations combined select their interpretation of the facts. They don’t report news.

    I am very disappointed that all of the people chosen to ask questions at the debates are Liberals. Romney can handle the questions but how is this even allowed to happen?

    Makalani, you must spend all of your time on blogs being angry. I am not quite sure how you figure there should be more of a balance in the support of Israel.You do realize they are a Democracy completely surrounded by their enemies. How is it out of balance that we support them?

    You spout a lot of numbers which makes me wonder if you have the Democratic Party talking points. On any given day you can hear the same rhetoric from all of the Liberals.

    As far as President Obama’s budget goes, he rarely submits one and then he cannot even get his own party to approve it. I have a problem with that when are country is 16 trillion in debt. Does that fact escape you? If you blame Bush I think I will croak. President Obama owns this one and plans to make it worse with Obamacare.

    You have already made up your mind and have the right to your opinion which is what is great about this country. I plan to do everything in my power to keep it that way!

    As far as President Obama passing all of the test of our Democracy to become President, it is my opinion that he wasn’t properly vetted by our Liberal media in the first place. I also think that Historically, having our first African/American President is a big deal and he is a great communicator. I think it was great moment in our History. I just don’t agree with his policies.

    To Spider, as far as the Redistribution goes, you don’t have to look at one speech or that maybe some facts were taken out of context.. you can just look at his actions. I thought he was a Socialist the first time around. What do you think the whole Occupy Wall Street movement was about? I didn’t see any condemnation from the Administration about the anti-Capitalist movement, did you?

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  • handkusp45

    Makalani, There was a time, even though we rarely agree on issues, that I believed you to be somewhat, shall we say, aware of your surroundings. With your response to this article you have convinced me otherwise. For anyone not to believe that there is a media bias against conservatives and for Obama is beyond imagination. You and Spider are always bashing Fox News. At least on Fox they allow liberals a chance to debate. Where is that on CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, etc? And do you see the difference in the number of outlets? Do you know why the radio talk shows are for the most part consevative? Because the liberal talk shows don’t draw an audience. People are tired of the bull put out by liberals. That’s the reason Fox News is the most popular they don’t fabricate the news like CBS and NBC. The idea of the real president obama coming out in the second term came from the man himself and what he told the Russians. But I guess you just dismiss that. Or did you get a tingle running down your leg when I mentioned Nobama?

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  • Makalani

    RE: “Keeping people uninformed is not good for the country!”

    “AMEN SISTA! Man …errr…errr… woman … you sure said a mouthful!” NBC and the other liberal media just distorts the news and misinforms the American public. Fox news and the conservative commentators are “fair/ balanced/objective” — they just report — “we decide!”

    I have a framed — 4′x6′ oil painting of my hero — “Rushbo” — on my mantle. Have my radios pre-set to only receive stations that carry conservative talk shows — have my TV remote programmed to block liberal channels and pre-set to only receive the Fox news channel!

    “That’ll learn them darn liberals” trying to misinform me with their “selective editing!”

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  • Makalani

    Too many fallacies in this piece for a point-by-point rebuttal. I will only touch on a few of the more egregiously fallacious ones.

    After watching Mr. D’Souza’s lopsided — propaganda hit piece — instead of wanting to mount a trusty steed and ride through town raising the alarm about an “anti-American extremist” getting re-elected as POTUS — I thought objectively.

    President Obama has been in office for 4 years — I find it curious that Mr. D’Souza waited until a few months before the election to release his hit piece/movie. His timing raises serious concerns about his motives/sense of fairness/agenda.

    RE: **“President Obama [is] anti-Western, anti-capitalistic, anti-Israeli, pro-Muslim and [has] pro-Palestinian deference ….”

    Incidentally — President Obama’s budget for FY 2012 proposes $3.075 billion in US military aid for Israel, $75 million more than in fiscal year 2011. (Globes Israel’s Business Arena)

    But for the sake of argument — let’s say that the above ** statement is 10,000% correct.

    The USA/Israel relationship has been “WAAAYYYY” out of whack for “WAAAYYYY” too long with the “the tail” — Israel — one of the top three — consistent recipients of US aid/tax dollars — seemingly “wagging the dog” — the USA! I see ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with the POTUS restoring some semblance of balance to that lopsided relationship and wish other POTUS had Prez Obama’s chutzpah!

    The implication in this inflammatory ** statement and in the lopsided — propaganda hit piece/movie is that the “real President Obama” will emerge if elected to a second term — implement his “jaundiced worldview” and transform America to fit that “jaundiced worldview.”

    I would like for the writer of this article and Mr. D’Souza to explain:
    A. How — Mr. Obama will undo our system of checks and balances that have been in place since 1776 — have withstood every President “who would be king” — including — but not limited to — President Nixon?
    B. How — Mr. Obama will bypass the House of Representatives — the Senate — a very hostile opposition Republican party — including — but limited to — Mitch McConnell/John Boehner — the Judicial branch/SCOTUS — the Federal Reserve etc etc and single-handedly transform America to fit his “jaundiced world-view?”

    RE: “Media devotion to the Democratic candidate…” A PATENTLY ABSURD — RIDICULOUS NOTION!
    Fox News — the most conservative of the cable news outlets is the most popular and hardly an Obama supporter. In the latest Nielsen ratings — Fox News (conservative) has more viewers than MSNBC and CNN (liberal) combined. Ratings for Wednesday Sept 19, 2012:
    FNC: 2,736,000
    MSNBC: 1,618,000
    CNN: 652,000 (

    In the latest Nielsen ratings CBS — long-considered the most liberal network is in last place behind NBC and ABC in the network nightly news category. (

    The most influential and popular talk show hosts and TV personalities are conservatives and hardly Obama supporters: Limbaugh — O’Reilly — Beck — Gallagher —
    Boortz (so-called Libertarian) — Hannity — Hedgecock — Ingraham — Medved — Levin — to name a few!

    How can any reasonably intelligent person claim “media devotion to the Democratic candidate” when the overwhelming number of commentators/pundits/talk show hosts/most popular news shows are conservative(s) — hammering the Democratic candidate non-stop — ad infinitum/ad nauseam?

    The conservative media has taken a page from Hitler/Goebbles — – repeat the “Big Lie/ “the liberal media” enough times — people will SWALLOW IT — HOOK LINE AND SINKER!

    Conservatives in the media whine like they are powerless to influence American public opinion whereas gullible Americans BREATHLESSLY hang onto EVERY word of “the liberal media.” What a crock!

    Carry on Mr. Lilley raising the alarm! Paul Revere would be proud! Be sure to wipe down your horse after your rides. Don’t ride him hard and put him away wet — those liberals at PETA might come after you!

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  • employee2

    We are in trouble when “our media” stop asking questions and start reporting their support. The media’s job is to ask questions, report, and let the readers/listeners decide. Not reporting news is also considered “selective editing”. A prime example is the recording of Obama stating that he supports re-distribution. The NBC network says they are not reporting it because the video has not been “authenticated”, but the White House press secretary, Jay Carney, admits that it is the President. Keeping people uninformed is not good for the country!

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    • spider68

      The news media in this country ask President Obama just as many questions as they ask Romney, and i do not see anywhere that the media supports President Obama over Romney.
      The fact of the matter is that Romney refuses to talk to the media except for that political arm of the Republican party, Fox news.
      Also, if you would check into that re-distribution statement as put out by Romneys campaign. It was taken out of a statement made in 1998 and the full context of the statement was omitted. If you had bothered to find and read the full statement. You would have found that he was talking about free enterprise and re-distribution as it pertains to the military and building infrastructure, something that has been happening for years and years in this country.

      People in this area would be informed if they would go to other sources than Fox news.

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      • employee2

        You don’t see what you don’t want to see. As for questions to Obama “what’s your favorite color? that is why he goes on letterman, the view, and the likes. I do watch more than fox, and it is obvious if you look for it! BTW they have chosen liberals to monitor the debates.

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      • handkusp45

        spider68, I have found that the thing liberals do best is accuse others of doing things that the liberals are actually doing. For instance you accuse Fox news of being an arm of the GOP. That is very ironic if you consider the bias of NBC,CBS,NBC, MSNBC and CNN. They actually have the administraion pass along what they would have them say. I don’t mind us not agreeing on policy or beliefs or things like that. For you to deny the MSM being for Obama just makes you lose credibility.

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