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Ivor could take lessons from Newsoms

Published 9:36am Friday, September 21, 2012

To the Editor:

I recently read the article (“Speeding motorists fund 72 percent of Newsoms’ budget,” Sept. 7).

I was astounded by the facts. I am sure as you know when I was running for mayor I proposed this very same thing in the Town Of Ivor.

“The state puts the signs up and we just enforce the law,” Newsoms Police Chief Doug Davis said.

Good point Chief Douglas. That’s what I said before. The town doesn’t want to become Waverly or Windsor was the answer I received.

The Newsoms story was very interesting. It’s a polar opposite of what the town is willing to do. Ivor could support its own police force and take a burden off the taxed-to-death residents.

The response time would be much faster, and we would be safer to boot. It seems like a no-brainer to me.

Ivor could take lessons from Newsoms.

Larry Smith

  • Second Opinion

    Let’s see:
    2 officers @25k = $ 50,000.00 x 5yr = $ 250,000.00
    2 cars @35k = $ 70,000.00 = $ 70,000.00
    off. rent @450/m= $ 5,400.00 “” = $ 27,000.00
    fuel @ 200/wk= $ 10,400.00 “” = $ 52,000.00
    Ins = $ 2,500.00 “” = $ 12,500.00
    Eqiup. Exp. = $ 5,000.00 “” = $ 25,000.00
    Misc. Exp. = $ 5,000.00 “” = $ 25,000.00

    Total 5 year budget projection = $ 461,500.00
    total weeks = 260
    weekly revenus break even = $ 1,775.00
    minimum tickets @ $50.00
    Minimum tickets = 35.5 (36)/week
    daily ticket quota = 7

    is it doable = jury out (watch out Ivor)?

    NO NEW TAXES (but nobody said a thing about fees) humm…

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    • SandMan

      Never seen a Police Dept. pay it’s officer’s rent.And, the average speeding ticket brings in $132.00.

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  • DryRain

    Mr. Smith I read the same article but then I read later in a “Letter to the Editor” where it did not fund 72% of the budget in fact it did not fund any of the town of Newsoms budget, it only funded the police department budget only which is separate from the towns budget.

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    • kingradman

      I found that out later, but the idea is still a good one. Ivor should folow the example. We were told we couldnt afford to have a police force

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      • DryRain

        Any department that can fund itself is a no brainer, and having a local officer sure would be an asset to a small community.

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    • kingradman

      Maybe the Tidewater News could Clarify with the Town, is the 72% story accurate ? Or is the letter to the editor Correct? The story has recieved a lot of attention!

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