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Rezoning supported for plant

Published 1:19pm Saturday, September 22, 2012

When opportunity knocks, answer the door.

A Virginia-based company announced Thursday it would like to build a $4 million to $6 million concrete and asphalt plant on Route 460 four miles west of Ivor.

AMAC would create up to 50 jobs that will pay $10 an hour for laborers and up to $75,000 to $100,000 for management.

There’s a catch.

The developer has an agreement to buy 20 acres west of Sadler Road from Western Tidewater businessman Ron Parsons. That property will need to be rezoned from agricultural to industrial. Without the rezoning, the deal falls through. AMAC has a backup site in mind.

From what we understand, this property lies in a fairly desolate part of Southampton County that doesn’t offer public sewer and water systems required for most development. This property, however, suits AMAC’s needs.

It’s within reach of a rail line for getting stone to the plant and within an area that’s underserved when it comes to concrete and asphalt.

Also, the new Route 460 is expected to be built nearby, which could result in more development. The county’s future plan calls for the area to be zoned industrial.

Southampton County officials in October will be asked to rezone the property.

Sounds like a good deal for some much-needed industry in the county. If approved, the company is expected to pay $600,000 in taxes to the county over 10 years.

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