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America needs to make right choice in November

Published 9:26am Wednesday, September 26, 2012

by Pat Hartman

“Wake up, America” was the closing statement of the late Paul Harvey.

That statement is consuming my mind these days. I look for concern in the local paper and I see none, and I wonder if I am on an island with my thoughts.

We as Americans have a choice to make in a very short time for the direction of our country. I repeat, our country.

There are two different philosophies. One is the redistribution of wealth. It is government dependency. It is larger government and buying votes. It is giving everyone a “leg up.”

The problem is that while a few need this help for a time, they really want to make it on their own. Unfortunately, others find ways to abuse the system.

Where does it end?

We have government housing, food stamps, cellphones, fuel assistance and now Obamacare. We have three entitlement programs that we cannot afford. And, add one more.

Let’s see, if we can top $20 trillion in debt and be completely owned by China or anyone else willing to buy our debt. To over 40 percent of the population, this probably sounds like a good deal.

I guess it is if you don’t mind giving up your freedom as well. You think you are getting a “leg up.” What is really happening is that you are becoming dependent on the government to maintain your lifestyle.

If you never wish to improve and are willing to “roll the dice” that government will be able to afford to support this lifestyle, then you know how you should vote. Personally, I think it is cruel that the government is encouraging you to put yourself in this position.

Issues of women’s rights, such as abortion and contraception, are not going be altered in any way based on this election, especially if our country is broke.

They will be debated until the end of time, and individuals will continue to make their spiritual choice.

This election will not determine anything about these issues. They are being used as smoke and mirrors to cover up the issue of our economy, which is in the tank!

The other philosophy is to create an environment for businesses to grow, to encourage everyone to have skin in the game.

It is to go back to the principles on which our nation was founded, to follow our Constitution and stick to the principles that make this country work.

We do build our own businesses in this country. Many people make great sacrifices to do this. President Kennedy once said, “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”

What has happened to us?

Perhaps I have a jaded viewpoint based on personal experience. My father’s mother died when he was an infant. He, Harvey Pope, was passed from home to home because his family was poor, and his father could not take care of him.

He tried to enlist in every branch of service in the military in World War II. He was finally accepted into the Navy only to later be released for medical reasons.

During this time, everyone went to war, or you felt like you were not doing your part.

Since he was unable to serve in the military, he applied to the College of William and Mary. He supported himself by stacking food in grocery stores, starting a cab company at college and other odd jobs. He earned his bachelor’s degree from William and Mary, and then his law degree from the University of Virginia without help from anyone.

It did not “take a village.” Our country simply provided the right environment to succeed, and he was willing to work.

We live in the greatest country on earth and we all need to be proud to be Americans! Anyone who doesn’t feel this way is taking our country for granted.

Our government needs to learn to live within its means like every family in this country. A $16 trillion debt is outrageous by any standard. We cannot support any of the causes that people get so emotional about if we are broke.

One final note — we don’t allow our allies to float out there alone. We protect our diplomats and should lead with strength not weakness! I pray that America makes the right choice in November.

PAT HARTMAN lives in Courtland and volunteers for several organizations. She can be reached at

  • Liberty With Responsibility

    “Deficit? What about it? That’s the President‘s fault!” said Congressman Foghorn D. Blowhard! “My district needs that $500,000 in Federal tax $$s for the sewing thimble museum!”

    THAT SOUNDS LIKE the Franklin boat ramp federal grant—-just as ridiculous that is was paid for with federal funds, at least in part . . . . .

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  • Makalani

    Back to the topic! LOL

    RE: “… see, if we can top $20 trillion in debt … be completely owned by China or anyone … willing to buy our debt. To over 40 percent of the population, this probably sounds like a good deal.”

    Probably sounds like a good deal to the other 60% too. Among which are:
    Defense contractors with cost-plus $$multi-million/billion$$ contracts who build weapons systems that don’t always work as advertised — then get paid $millions$ more to fix them.

    The multi-national agri-businesses and farmers who feed at the govt subsidy/price-support trough and cause one to wonder if they are into farming to grow crops or reap govt. entitlements.

    The medical industry that pockets 10s of $billions$ in fraudulent and inflated Medicare billings.

    Millions of landlords who get $billions$ directly deposited into their bank accounts from HUD/Sct 8! Who are the real govt moochers — the tenants or the landlords who ultimately benefit?

    RE: “… right choice in November…”
    Either choice for president — “frick” — Gov Romney or “frack” — President Obama in Nov. is “the right choice” depending on whether a (R) or (D) in the Oval Office gives one warm — fuzzy feelings!

    Neither can stop/change the out-of-control spending by the Congress. If they promise they will lower the deficit/stop deficit spending — they are LYING!

    The deficit notwithstanding — Congressman Forbes and his Congressional/Senatorial cohorts will continue to bring home the bacon to their districts with out-of-control — profligate — pork-barrel — deficit spending!

    “Deficit? What about it? That’s the President‘s fault!” said Congressman Foghorn D. Blowhard! “My district needs that $500,000 in Federal tax $$s for the sewing thimble museum!”

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  • mmtwinsmom

    With all due respect, even if my father had not gone to a University, he would have made it. I have no respect for a government that wants to make people dependent on it.

    You seem to have researched my father or googled him. Yes, farmers get subsidies. He was not a farmer. He was a small business owner. I can tell you that if he did not succeed in business it would have been something else no matter what obsticles the government put in his way.

    Who said I was not proud of America? I believe that would be Michelle Obama.

    I do believe our country will survive even a second term of President Obama. My concern is that it will take us a long time to get out of the mess that he is creating and a lot of people will be hurt in the process, including my children that will have to pay a debt that they did not create.

    You know my name but you do not know me. I will appreciate what deserves my appreciation.

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    • spider68

      Here we have it once more. Twisting Michelle Obamas words to fit the Republican mantra.
      Also, how about the mess that eight years of G.W.left this country? How long will it take this country to get out of that? How long will it take thousands of wounded veterans of an unnecessary war to get over that? And the really astounding thing to me is a woman touting the virtues of a political party that has waged an horrendous war on women. I’m just saying.

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  • Maxdoubt

    “He earned his bachelor’s degree from William and Mary, and then his law degree from the University of Virginia without help from anyone. It did not ‘take a village.’ Our country simply provided the right environment to succeed, and he was willing to work.”

    With all due respect it is not as simple as that. The Universities were and are supported by my tax dollars. the GI bill and Pell grants do more than “provide the right environment” they provide “real” help and are excellent examples of how our government should be involved. I would like to see a little more appreciation for what our government does get right and more concentration on eliminating fraud and abuse instead of tearing down the whole system. I am still proud of America.

    Agriculture subsidies in this area have allowed our hard working farmers and agri-businesses like Mr. Pope’s to thrive in the past. Hard working farmers in some other countries have not been so lucky because their governments did not help the farmer out. Imagine if our farmers had no government price supports for decades…what would this area look like?

    I would like to see just a little more appreciation for what our forefathers built for us and a little confidence that our nation is not so weak that one presidential administration with a “do nothing” congress could destroy it.

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  • johnmstx

    This is one of the best pre-election columns I have seen all year. It initiates thought beyond the sickening sound bytes we are constantly being bombarded with. Republican – Democrat, whatever you are, we are at a crossroads. Will it be an ever growing move towards socialism and bigger and bigger government? Or will it be independence, freedom to manage our own directions, accountability, as we strive for less government control, less dependence, less regulations, NO re-distribution and all the evils associated with sacrificing our liberty? Think, think some more an make an intelligent choice. Great job Pat Hartman.

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    • Sinoptik

      Thanks for taking the time to write out each of those sickening sound bytes immediately after decrying them. Hilarious.

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  • handkusp45

    I notice that one of the first things liberals point out is that Romney had health care instituted in Mass. The difference is that states have the right to do things like that. They require car insurance, no problem. The federal government does not have the right to do that. That is the difference. It’s the Constitution.

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    • Sinoptik

      Yet you are big on federal laws on reproductive rights and defense of marriage, everything is pick and choose with some.

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      • employee2

        I would suggest you invest a little time in reading the constitution of the United States. Therein lies the delegation of powers.

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  • Sinoptik

    I notice you write that there are two philosophies at work, then disassemble one, while ignoring the other. I find it curious that there was no mention of the other. I don’t blame you, republicans can’t win by their policy.

    I do have three things to add:

    First about Obamacare, a Romney quote: “I think throughout this campaign as well, we talked about my record in Massachusetts, don’t forget — I got everybody in my state insured,” Romney told NBC’s Ron Allen in an interview. “One hundred percent of the kids in our state had health insurance. I don’t think there’s anything that shows more empathy and care about the people of this country than that kind of record.” He will repeal it on day one.

    Second, about where the money is coming from: Mitt Romney warned a crowd of mostly middle-class onlookers on Wednesday not to expect too much tax relief under his administration.

    Third: Corporate welfare is by far more costly that social welfare, yet you forget to mention that. It will only increase under a republican government. As for social welfare, cutting that off would rid us of many problems, as the top half of the list of states that receive the most welfare is covered in red like a Franklin public school test. They are also the states that most often receive more federal funds than they put in.

    I know I said three, but I have another, I commend your father and how hard it was for those during WWII that were unable to serve, it was truly a different mindset, but Romney was able to serve, so he went to France.

    Both choices are limited, and the third has no chance (though I am still voting for Gary) but if you can’t vote third party, you have to go with the lesser of two evils.

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  • employee2

    Amen Pat!

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