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Reader upset with Newsoms traffic stops

Published 9:24am Wednesday, September 26, 2012

To the Editor:

I would like to state I was misinformed concerning the operations of the Newsoms Police Department, (“Speeding motorists fund 72 percent of Newsoms’ budget,” Sept. 7) and it is a disservice to readers to leave the issue on a false note.

The elected Newsoms Town Council votes upon where the police department funds are placed. I would rather the police officers’ salaries come out of the funds they are generating and the same for their equipment.

The goal is not to make a rich “Kingdom of Newsoms.” The real goal is to ensure the safety of residents.

The police officers do not create a hazard for motorists by blocking a ditch at two of their radar locations. Both locations have a public right-of-way.

My own property runs up against this same area, and I cannot fence it in for a certain amount of feet. Behind one area, the person who owns the footage has given permission for the officers to park there.

The second area with the (non-destroyed) drive way is a small slice of property owned by the town.

Paperwork concerning the police department and Newsoms Town Council meetings are kept on file at town hall.

Sometimes people have way too much time on their hands. Let the officers do their jobs. You might find the shoe on the other foot one day.

Michelle Steward

  • FromHere

    I agree, kingradman.

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  • kingradman

    I hink the orginal story was that. THe author of this letter wrote the first one. I think she was just doing the right thing and saing she was mistaken . I applaud this person for doing the right thing in this case

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  • 1stAmendment

    Why is the Headline for this letter “Reader upset with Newsoms traffic stops”? The last sentence reads of her letter reads:

    “Let the officers do their jobs. You might find the shoe on the other foot one day.”

    Come on, TN. Read more carefully! This letter writer SUPPORTS the traffuc stops!

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