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Franklin man arrested for burglary

Published 11:04am Friday, September 28, 2012

FRANKLIN—A Franklin man was arrested Friday for a 12:30 a.m. Thursday burglary at Jim’s Pawn Shop at 209 N. Main St., Franklin police said.

Khary Deshun Smith, 19, of 404 Pine St., allegedly broke the glass front door and stole a PlayStation 3 and game valued at more than $200.

During the investigation police found evidence that pointed to Smith as a possible suspect.

Police obtained a search warrant and found the items at Smith’s home. He was arrested without incident and taken to Western Tidewater Regional Jail. Smith was charged with burglary, grand larceny and felony destruction of property.


  • franklinmom

    The question haunting me, if he has never had a record, is why.

    Why now? Why a PlayStation? Was this to prove something to someone else? If so, to whom… and why? Did he play it? or sell it?

    And what *is* his history? Physically, he is 19… is he 19 mentally? Was he manipulated?

    A long juvi record vs no juvi record makes me wonder. Does it make it any less wrong? Nope. But it makes me wonder if there are others out there FPD should be looking into, as well.

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  • SandMan

    What’s even funnier is the fact that Khary visited the store earlier in the day, wearing a purple hoodie. Then, he returned that night and did a “smash & grab”.Wearing the same hoodie!
    At least FPD made a quick arrest. Jim’s Emporia location has been burglarized 5 times this year…with no arrest!

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  • itsalwayssomething

    19 years old, and your main goal in life is to break in to someone else’s hard earned business and steal a PLAYSTATION??? What in the HECK is wrong with kids these days?
    Here’s an idea: get a J O B. That is how REAL adults get to have playstations and other nice things.
    And YOU represent MY future. SMH

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    • gunner58

      I am sure that his juvenile record is equally meritorious.

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      • SandMan

        Never been in trouble previously. He saved up his mischief for a felony @ 19!

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