Attorney Jack Randall with Stallings, Bush and Randall shows blueprints for the firm's building under construction in Courtland. STEPHEN H. COWLES/TIDEWATER NEWS

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Law firm constructing $1.5M building in Courtland

Published 11:18am Tuesday, October 2, 2012



COURTLAND—Stallings, Bush and Randall is building a $1.5 million, 10,500-square-foot building in Courtland, which will include space for another tenant.

The Virginia Beach-based law firm on Route 58 across from Food Lion has been operating from a trailer on the same property for 14 months. Attorney and partner Jack Randall said he anticipates the one-story building to be finished by Dec. 1.

The firm is negotiating with another tenant for a 6,500-square-foot space. Randall would not name the party.

“We’ve had several letters of intent, including a local financial institution,” Randall said.

Site work began 60 days ago, including bringing in water and sewerage.

He sees this as more as an investment than a costly bill.

Randall and wife, Patricia, own Southampton Real Estate, which includes the new building and Courtland Self-Storage in the back.

“We’re excited,” he said. “Business has been real good, and the county needs infrastructure. We’re glad to invest in the community.”

The property taxes will be $11,250 annually.

The couple lives in Southampton County with their three children, son Peyton, 8, and daughters Claire, 7, and Casey, 1.

Before coming to the law firm, Randall was a prosecutor at with the county Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office. His earlier career was as a police officer in Virginia Beach.


  • zunifarmer13

    Randall makes enough to build a giant office yet the police And deputies that make it possible for him to have a job dont get raises in over five years. makes no sense to me. Whole system is bass ackwards

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  • RoyDeSoto

    Wow. Feeling the love here.

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  • beachgirl

    I think that pose says it all. I have never met him but it is something about this picture that just does not set right with me.

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  • The Situation

    I wouldn’t give Randell or his law firm any money period !!! You have a better chance representing yourself .

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