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SHS pre-game party to raise funds for athletic facilities

Published 11:09am Tuesday, October 9, 2012


COURTLAND—Southampton High School will host a pre-game party for its 7:00 p.m. homecoming game against Park View on Friday, Oct. 12.

The party will begin at 3:30 p.m.

“We’re making this year’s event more of a carnival atmosphere because we have a lot of little kids there and our kids enjoy it too,” said Larry Rose, athletic facilities improvement committee co-chairman. “So we will be bringing in things like a cotton candy-type atmosphere.”

The $10 admission for adults and youth includes the party and a dinner provided by Nixon’s Catering; the ticket does not include admission to game. Coast 2 Coast Entertainment will DJ the event and have children’s inflatable.

Proceeds will benefit SHS’s Athletic Facilities Improvement Fund.

Admission to the game is $6.

“We have completed quite a few initial projects,” said SHS Athletic Director Littleton Parker.

They include a concession stand and security fencing for the baseball and softball fields, and renovations to the football stadium restrooms and concession stand.

“There are a lot of things that we need to do, but our long-term goals include a new track,” Parker said. “We would like to have new tennis courts. We would like to install lights on the baseball and softball fields, but those are all long-term goals.”

“It’s 2012, and we don’t have lights on the baseball field,” said Rose. “We can’t run track meets (because) we don’t have a track.”

There has not been a track meet at Southampton High since 1987.

“Come out and support the school,” said Rose. “All of this is for our children. We want the best for our kids, and right now they don’t have the best.”

For information or to purchase tickets, contact Rose at 653-2751.




  • sgeary

    Let’s be clear the only sport that matters to this school is Football. As a former asst. coach the team wasn’t allowed to raise money to buy new uniforms and when we did raise money as a team we were told it had to go in the pot for “all” the teams. Track had not had new uniforms for over 15 years. Parents of some of our young ladies actually refused their daughters to wear the shorts because the elsatic was dry rotted and they could have fallen down. We had to use safety pins to hold things together and that became a violation at the regional and state meets. But yet football always had nice uniforms and new helmets. SHS not having a track is missing out on hosting division and regional meets that bring in a lot of money for the school (a lot of times over $5,000 for a regional meet and $2,500 for a divisional meet). When I coached up until 2001 we sent at least a few people to regionals every year and one or two people to state. We need to want the best for all of our kids not just the ones that play the sport some like best!

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  • simplifyingit

    “All of this is for our children. We want the best for our kids, and right now they don’t have the best.” said Rose

    this statement could apply to alot of things inside SHS athletics……I hear a coach got canned recently..anyone know why? Are there more firings to come?

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    • Flowergirl

      Find a Head-Coach that can win games. It’s going to be hard for the community to contribute to your cause when school politics keep allowing person(s) to do a job that are not qualified to do the job.

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