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George Allen would get results

Published 9:47am Friday, October 12, 2012

To the Editor:

When a Democrat wants to get elected, he talks like a Republican.

The problem with that is when you’re saying one thing, but believe in another, you’re lying every time your lips move.

It’s appalling and insulting the lies being told by Tim Kaine, suggesting that he cut spending and did such a great job as governor. Considering for the last 18 months of his term, he was outside of Virginia more than he was in it.

The truth is when Kaine left office, Virginia was billions of dollars in debt, and Kaine’s answer was to impose billions in taxes.

Thanks to Bob McDonnell, Virginia finally has a multi-million dollar surplus, something George Allen knows a lot about.

I was there when George opened the new Gateway factory in Hampton and reopened the failed Newmarket Fair Mall. George knows how to create jobs and a successful economy.

Tim Kaine only knows massive taxes followed by massive spending.

Given that we have a president who ignored intelligence briefings, sees his cabinet once a year and never meets with his jobs team, we need a leader in Washington.

George Allen gets results.

David Lyons

  • Maxdoubt

    I have seen Allen signs in yards of people in Ivor who are publicly opposed the the new 460. They either don’t know or don’t care that George Allen is making big bucks by ushering this project through to completion. Let George Allen know you want an exit in Ivor. Let George Allen know your vote may depend on it.

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  • Makalani

    “…as long as the persons has an (R)”

    Don’t forget they also have to spout the:
    A. “strong family values” blather/claptrap
    B. “be strong on the national defense” (despite votes to the contrary)
    C. have the mandatory — professed love/zeal to protect zygotes/fetuses (read “pro-life”)
    (Until some fetuses are born to poor mothers and become govt entitlement moochers along with their parents!)lol

    I just can’t imagine George Allen — born with a silver spoon in his mouth — REALLY caring about poor women’s fetuses!

    However — I am not giving the (Ds) a pass! Some exhibit just as much silly partisan fervor/blind loyalty. We are in “(R) country” and rarely see articles in the TN supporting (Ds). So I can’t skewer (Ds) with their partisan silliness/”my-candidate/my party-gets-it–yours-is-trying-to-destroy-the-state/country!”

    But somehow voters expect the self-serving politicians they elect — both (Rs) and (Ds) — to sing Kumbaayaa — put aside their partisan differences and act in the best interests of the state/country! Voters don’t realize the politicians are a reflection/pandering/playing to their supporters’ hate of the opposition party.

    Since the two major parties got the system rigged — Gary Johnson by default becomes a symbol/candidate of protest as opposed to having a viable chance of breaking the (R)(D) monopoly. But the rigged system has most voters convinced that they have a choice! Many are fervent/rabid about the candidates chosen for them by a rigged system! LOL

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  • Sinoptik

    Ah yes, George Allen, with plenty of evidence of racial attitudes, putting his money where his mount isn’t (making money off of the morning after pill while simultaneously being anti-abortion. The coup degrace, was voting against body armor and other equipment for soldiers right as we fired up to roll into Iraq in ’03.

    But, as I know most people around here block those things out (or support them wholeheartedly) as long as the persons has an (R) after their name I guess I’m just wasting keystrokes.

    But BS artist vs BS artist, I go with the one that didn’t try to send me to Iraq ill-equipped. If I could have just had the opportunity to follow the instructions on my SAPI plate with him.

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    • Sinoptik

      Typos galore, I didn’t follow my own rules about typing angry. racial = racist mount = mouth persons = person

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  • Makalani

    @Masknup – Gary Johnson has my vote! Since my guy is a longshot — a dark horse — it really doesn’t matter to me which of the other two lying politicians occupies the Oval Office.

    Whether Allen — Kaine — Romney or Obama wins — it won’t matter one whit to the average voter’s $bottom line$! But I guess one can’t put a price on one’s warm/fuzzy feelings when his/her guy wins!

    I did not call George Allen a racist. I said he used a racial slur on a minority! I don’t call people racists unless I have first-hand/personal knowledge/interactions with them.

    Only George Allen knows whether he “misspoke” or used “macaca” deliberately to garner votes from the “good ole boys” in the audience. Like most politicians — George Allen will say or do almost anything to garner votes/get elected. I think he deliberately used the term. However –
    one miscue doesn’t make him a racist — define his character/him as person! But that does make him a sleazy politician!

    Unlike the writer of the above letter — I don’t believe George Allen is infallible so I haven’t purchased any chisels or stone tablets to inscribe his words! lol

    I am not going to get into a water-tossing contest discussing Prez Obama because at the end of the day — we will both walk away with our opinions still intact — unchanged! But let me address your “Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s church …..” remarks:

    Dubya did not have 100% agreement among Americans with his stupid — unnecessary — $wasteful$ — idiotic Iraq war.

    Likewise — Rev Wright’s flock doesn’t 100% necessarily share his racial views! This would also apply to his former flock member — Obama — since we have never heard him express the extreme views that Rev Wright has!

    Good luck in Nov with your guys!

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    • Sinoptik

      I guess Gary gets two votes out of the area this year. I don’t agree with his entire platform, but at least he is up front with what he say, and I know what to expect. It is strange considering my upbringing though.

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  • Masknup

    Democrats prepare yourselves……November is going to be a very, very bad month for you! Allen will (thankfully) be elected, Romney will win by a much larger margin than the current predictions. Obama is a fraud on so many levels. He is more concerned in being a celebrity at the taxpayers experience than a leader. I dont think Obama could lead a Pre-K class.

    For an eye-opening read, I encourage you to read “Leading from Behind” by Richard Miniter. It is a chronicle of the lack-of-leadership by Obama and his unwillingness to simply do his job out of fear of the polls.

    Makalani: George Allen is not a racist. I personally know him and he is a true and honest servant. He simply mis-spoke in the “macaca” gaffe. But with your judgement, I guess as a member of 20+ years in Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s church would make Obama a racist too. As far as lying goes, I guess a “video” is why 4 Americans lost their lives in Libya instead of a terrorist attack which was clearly evident from the start. That is nothing short of criminal.

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  • Makalani

    RE: “… since President Romney will be re-elected in 2016.”
    Sounds like a plan to me but how about dumping Ryan in 2016? George Allen for VP instead to prepare for Prez in 2020?

    RE: “How do you tell if a politician is lying? His lips are moving.”
    How dare you suggest George Allen is capable of lying!
    His lips may be moving to call some minority a racial slur like “macaca!”

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    • Va Native American

      I never singled out the Honorable George Allen as a liar, I simply made light of a statement in the above letter(“When a Democrat wants to get elected, he talks like a Republican. The problem with that is when you’re saying one thing, but believe in another, you’re lying every time your lips move.”)
      But if the shoe fits, Tim Kaine, Barrack Hussein, Joe Bidane(purposely misspelled, so don’t criticize my grammar) and most other politicians lie in many points of their careers. Furthermore, we could call T. Kaine and B. Hussein racists and many many more politicians (besides the Honorable George Allen) as they have made statements that could be construed as racial also. But some people commenting on here have their heads so far in the sand and their hands so full of race cards that they don’t know when some of us are trying to make someone smile or lighten an otherwise tense situation. Don’t hate so much; love one another, and smile! After all, come November Obama will be fired and we’ll all have something to smile about.

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  • Va Native American

    How do you tell if a politician is lying? His lips are moving. :)

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  • ThisPlaceIsCRAZY
  • Makalani

    How refreshing to know that George Allen (R) never lies and keeps all of his campaign promises whereas Gov Kaine (D) and his ilk are ALL TAX and SPEND LIARS.

    Is it any wonder that the stock in the biggest home improvement chain is at a record high? People are spending $millions$ on chisels and stone tablets engraving George Allen’s sagacious — incontrovertible — statements for future generations!

    Never mind Congress — George Allen for the next Pope or at the very least — President in 2016!

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    • Va Native American

      Allen for President in 2020 sounds better(since President Romney will be re-elected in 2016.)

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