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Contractor for new 460 to be announced today

Published 9:57am Wednesday, October 17, 2012

RICHMOND—State transportation officials today are expected to announce the company that will design and build the new U.S. 460 from Suffolk to Petersburg.

The Commonwealth Transportation Board in Richmond is expected to award the contract to U.S. 460 Mobility Partners.

Anticipated to cost $1.4 billion, the 55-mile highway will cross through Isle of Wight and Southampton counties, with interchanges planned for Windsor and Ivor; there will be a total of seven interchanges. Construction is expected to begin in 2014 and be completed by 2018.

The one-way toll is anticipated to be $3.69 for cars and $11.72 for trucks. Tolls could rise 3.5 percent annually.

Design, permitting and right-of-way acquisitions should begin next year.


  • windsor52

    Emmenent domain will have to be used. How appropriate is it for the state to condemn so much land for a road that does effectively the same thing? That cannot fall in the same line as needful as say a by-pass. Those are people’s properties this proposal will take.

    And for what reason?

    If old 460 is dangerous, fix it or close it. If it is not, then why abuse rural citizens for the “benefit” of those who live in urban areas on either end? Of course people in HR like the idea of a fast way to get to I-95. They are using their MOB numbers to “persuade” politicians that the majority of people want or need this.

    Is it really appropriate over the need for those property owners happiness who are “in the way” of this so called progress? I think not.

    Creating a new road that is estimated will take 4 years to complete and cost $1.4 billion a projected toll of $3.69 for cars and $11.72 for trucks while touting “low traffic counts expected for a new highway”… if this is expectation, why build it? Is this really the best use of the resources available? This is a waste of borrowed money and creating a tolled road that will need continued subsidies or raising of tolls to keep it operating is wrong.

    I believe it is 12 years they have been wasting time and money on this project. I commented officially to the state and Federal Highway administration during the NEPA process. I believe strongly, and still do, that VDOT’s decison making process was extremely flawed and that they did not follow the NEPA process correctly as described under 40 CFR 1505.1(e) with regards to evaluating a reasonable range of alternatives. The region of influence between Route 58 in Suffolk to the Suffolk/Isle of Wight line was not afforded a reasonable range of alternatives to be considered, as required by law. VDOT looked at one and only one alternative for this area then split their alternatives into 3 for the remaining 45 miles of the road. Those people were able to comment on which alternative was best; what about the people who live in the first 10 mile stretch. They have to live with VDOT breaking the law.

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  • zuni1

    Wow. $1.4 billion?

    I remember going up to Windsor High School and looking at the different alternative alignments. One of the options was to expand the current 460 with bypasses around the towns. The project cost for expanding the existing 460 was estimated to cost $660 million, and was the highest cost option, so it was dropped and the southern alignment was chosen. It would be interesting to see what the cost of expanding the existing 460 would be today.

    Some of the surveyors were telling us that all along the designated location, they were having to go back and do multiple borings because the land was so swampy and unstable they would not be able to put a road on it. So the location of the road is shifting.

    Gee, what did they think they would find when they are going through areas shown on the National Wetlands register with names like Seacock Chapel Swamp, Tucker Swamp, Mill Swamp, etc? It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this is probably not the best place to put a road.

    Get ready for the $1.4 billion to skyrocket as they run into unstable soil.

    There is currently a sinkhole on 460 between Zuni and Ivor. They have no idea why it is happening. What do they think is going to happen when they try to put in an elevated highway in areas that are more unstable than the existing 460?

    You gotta love “I know better than you” state employees.

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    • Maxdoubt

      The consulting engineer on this project is the Timmons Group. It will come as no surprise to some of us here in Southampton if their figures should prove to be more than a little askew.

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