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Route 460 work prompts concerns

Published 9:49am Friday, October 19, 2012

IVOR—Britney Faehner fears the new U.S. Route 460 could hurt her business.

The owner of Britney’s Beauty and Barber Shop on Tucker Swamp Road near Ivor has heard the $1.4 billion highway will cut through her road, creating dead-ends on both sides.

“It could ruin my business,” she said Thursday.

Southampton County Berlin-Ivor District Supervisor Ronnie West heard a similar story early on, but understands the Board of Supervisors will have a say in the Virginia Department of Transportation’s decision concerning Tucker Swamp Road.

“I understand that the contractor will sit down with each location, and we’ll be able to express our concerns,” he said. “The bottom line is to wait and see. I think after Jan. 1 we will have a pretty good idea. There will be meetings with contractors.”

West opposes splitting Tucker Swamp Road because motorists take it to Franklin and elsewhere.

He also understands that only 30 percent of the surveying is done for the new 55-mile toll road, which will connect Suffolk with Petersburg.

“They really haven’t made any decisions on the exact location of the road,” West said.

Faehner, whose home-operated business will be about a mile from the new highway, isn’t opposed to the project.

“I just don’t want it to cut off my road,” the 28-year-old said.

She worries that some of her 60 regular customers will not want to drive the extra miles to get to her shop and believes an overpass would be the best solution.

“We could carry on as normal,” she said. “Tucker Swamp is a major road that takes people to Windsor, Ivor and Wakefield.”

Tucker Swamp Road residents Arlene and Marvin Donnell agree.

“We really don’t have a problem with the highway as a whole, but when we found out it (Tucker Swamp) would be dead-ended . . .,” Arlene Donnell said.

A trip to Franklin would mean an extra five miles for the couple.

“That’s where we shop and we go out to dinner,” she said. “I’m even more concerned about emergency personnel having to get to the other end of Tucker Swamp Road.”

Windsor Town Council last week voted unanimously to oppose the closing of Buckhorn Drive for the construction of the new Route 460. Members are concerned because Commonwealth Gin is located on the road and the closure would hurt the business.


  • greg

    i just moved to ivor in may, ive been in business for 25 years in hampton and was planning on relocating it to ivor.
    now i dont know what to do ! government is business’s #1 enemy.

    also they have an” eminent domain ” clause if they need your property you should look it up! its more like “leagalized extortion”……

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  • Maxdoubt

    The best chance to have ANY influence on this is NOW. Before the election. Governor Allen is very much financially involved in this project. George Allen Strategies is the consulting firm for this project. Send you messages to George Allen Strategies dot com or write to them. Enough “hell-raising” before the election MIGHT get some small consideration from the group. Doubtful though. No matter which way Allen’s election goes he will not be very receptive to your complaints after Nov. 6.

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  • Carolyn

    Citizens of these locales should not have to wait until January 1 to find out their lives might be severely harmed. They should not have to go through a holiday season worrying about how their earnings are going to be affected.

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  • RoyDeSoto

    I have yet to see if they are going to build a ramp for fire and EMS to get on/off the new 460 near Ivor. Are fire and EMS expected to respond from Windsor or Waverly if a crash or medical emergency happens in near Ivor?

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    • geographically challenged

      They don’t think about stuff like that, just like they didn’t think that closing the JRB was a crucial mistake.

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  • Liberty With Responsibility

    I don’t see why they should be allowed to cut off ANY of our roads. This road is for the benefit of the masses in metro Tidewater, and the trucking industry. If we allow them to dead end all our natural roads, we are being screwed for the financial benefits of others outside Western Tidewater! It is bad enough that they cannot realistically make intersections at every crossing, we understand that, but to terminate these roads in a bunch of dead ends is just screwing all the rural people. They did not do all these dead ends in the cities when they installed interstates 64 and 264. Why is this any different? Our local delegates and state senators should be fighting this fight with us all! Are they being called on and involved?

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  • gcal1971

    As a owner of a horse farm on Seacock Chapel Road, I concur with Ms. Faehner. As planned, the new 460 will cut Seacock Chapel Road in half as well if no means are built to avoid this. To say it would affect life in the County is an understatement. EVERYTHING we do, from shopping, communiting to work, going to church, getting to the doctors, etc. is east of us. I hope they get this right.

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    • Lindsay Pitts

      As a resident on Seacock Chapel Road- I am also concerned. Please help me- where can I see a map to discern where these “intersections” will be?

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