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Romney’s son to stop in Franklin

Published 5:07pm Tuesday, October 23, 2012


FRANKLIN—Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s son will stop in Franklin at 8:30 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 25, at Paul D. Camp Community College.

Tagg Romney, 42, will be part of a Route 58 bus tour that includes a 45-minute stop in the parking lot at PDCCC.

Tagg Romney, the eldest of Mitt Romney’s five sons, will be coming from Emporia, where a rally will be held today, Oct. 24. Other stops prior to Emporia include Danville, South Boston and South Hill.

From Franklin, the bus will head to the Philippine Cultural Center of Virginia in Virginia Beach for a joint rally at 10:30 a.m. with state Del. Ron Villanueva, R-Virginia Beach.

Tagg Romney, a partner in the private equity firm Solamere Capital, has worked his father’s previous political campaigns and is an advisor for his presidential campaign.

Walt Brown, chairman for the Franklin City Southampton Republican Committee, on Tuesday credited his committee’s hard work for getting the opportunity to host a stop on the bus tour.

“The RNC asked if they could bring the bus out this way so we’ve been running the gauntlet to make sure that we have a good turnout for the rally,” said Brown.

Felicia Blow, vice president for institutional advancement at PDCCC, is pleased that students are taking an active interest in the electoral process.

“It is important to know that we are non-partisan institution,” said Blow. “One of our key things around here is to encourage civic mindedness so in fact we’ve had several voter registration drives on our campuses. We definitely want our students to be engaged in the electoral process.”

  • evan ford

    You guess wrong! Only a jerk would say he wanted to take a swing at the president.

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    • Zunikiang

      I disagree. If some one lied about about my daddy I’d be hot too.

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  • evan ford

    Is he coming to Franklin to make a announcement about bringing jobs here? I don’t think so.So what’s the point? He’s a jerk just like his dad and Paul Ryan!

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    • Zunikiang

      Why would you say he’s a jerk? What do you Know about Him? My guess is still drinking the koolaid like the other lemmings.

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  • pmich23

    Peace of Pie-
    Romney was simply saying that he did not expect to get the votes of the 47% who live off the government. Even if your statement was correct which it isn’t, I had to point out that the portion who work and pay taxes is 53%, not 47%, so that would’ve been the group he was trying to reach.
    Those who work and pay the taxes are still the majority. When they’re not and when even more are dependent on the government (which would occur quickly in a second Obama term at the rate he is creating dependency), that is when it all starts to collapse.
    No doubt-If you want more massive debt, tax increases, government destruction of our health care system, more dependency, same sex marriage, higher energy prices and loss of your 2nd Amendment right to own a gun to defend yourself, Obama is your man.

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    • spider68

      pmich23—I disagree with your assessment of Romneys 47% statement. I am considered to be one of those that consider themselves to be victims, however, I do not consider myself to be a victim.
      I spent more than twenty years in military service, (Vietnam era). I worked for more than twenty years in private industry. I do not pay income taxes, however, I still pay quite a lot of taxes, as I am fully retired and now in my seventies.
      So, you can try to spin his statement anyway you like, but I heard what he said and I believe what he said.

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  • Makalani

    RE:”Why are people impressed by stuff like this?”

    ‘BECUZ’ — Some people’s lives are so devoid of REAL meaning — they live their lives vicariously through lying politicians and consider them demigods.

    Congressman Forbes is the chief demigod in this area who descends from on high every once in a while to mingle with the great unwashed/hoi polloi.

    Mitt Romney’s lying son hasn’t reached demigod status like Forbes or his lying daddy — YET — but he is close enough to royalty for the “simple-minded!”

    Gary Johnson — Libertarian for President on Nov 6!

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  • vikkime434

    I’m very excited that our small area will be noticed. They are taken the time from their very busy schedule to speak to our local community college. I hope we get a good turn out and that people represent our area well and show respect whether they are a democrat or republican.

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  • FromHere

    Why are people impressed by stuff like this? Are we that simple-minded?

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  • PeaceOfPie

    Tagg’s dropping by to meet more of his dad’s supporters, the 47% of course. They’ll be there supporting him, he’ll be looking down on them. Sharing jokes about the poor in Franklin around their Thanksgiving table.

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  • csmmom3

    I’ll be there. Will you?

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