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Tidewater schools have lower grad rate

Published 10:35am Wednesday, October 24, 2012


FRANKLIN—Western Tidewater’s three high schools fell short of the Virginia on-time graduation rate of 88 percent and exceeded the state’s dropout rate of 6.5 percent, according to a new release from the Virginia Department of Education.

The statistics released Tuesday are based on students who started as freshmen in fall 2008 and completed their studies in four years.

Franklin High had a 78.8 percent on-time graduation rate and 15.9 percent dropout rate. Southampton High had an 86.9 percent on-time graduation rate and 9.2 percent dropout rate. Windsor High had an 84.3 percent on-time graduation rate and a 9.9 percent dropout rate.

In 2011, Virginia’s on-time graduation rate was 86.6 percent, and the dropout rate was a half-percentage point higher at 7 percent.

Franklin and Southampton had an 84.5 and 86.1 percent graduation rate in 2011, respectively. Windsor’s was 87.9 percent.

Dropout rates were 9.7 percent and 7.8 percent for Franklin and Southampton, respectively, in 2011. Windsor’s was 8.1 percent.

Kenita Bowers, media coordinator for Isle of Wight County Schools, said that Superintendent Katrise Perera reviewed the information with Windsor and Smithfield high school principals.

“Both high schools will be implementing a program that allows for flexibility to meet student needs,” said Bowers. “There will also be a revision and expansion of the guidance program to be more actively involved in tracking attendance and providing resources for students to stay on track for graduation.”

No one returned afternoon calls from either Franklin or Southampton high schools.

  • MyHometown

    Since I don’t have last years numbers I used current enrollment. With 184 seniors, at Southampton, to be at 86.9% (87%)24 of those 184 did not graduate in four years. 16 dropped out to be at a 9.2% dropout rate, if it only factors in seniors. If it does then 16 of those 24 were not there to graduate anyhow.

    Looking at other numbers:
    Franklin and Windsor have a 1:14 Teacher to Student ratio while SHS is at 1:19.
    Franklin’s district revenue per student is at $13,983, WHS 12,074, and SHS 11,732.

    If a student doesn’t want to be in school and they do not have parental guidance there is little that can be done. We have to have programs to meet the students needs and abilities. As long as we continue to shove them all through the same programs, college based, we will continue to loose many of them.

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    • MyHometown

      These numbers came from so who knows how reliable they are. I don’t think the teacher-student ration looks correct for Southampton because I have heard most of the teachers over there talk about class sizes over 30.

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    • simplifyingit

      TN should do story/research on those same rates of nearby private schools such as IWA, NSA, Rock Church School and SA just to see how they stack up. Bet its much higher! Maybe talk with some “home schooled” students and see how they faired when they took SATs?
      The Deans at TCC, PD Camp and other local colleges might even have some info that is relevant and valuable?

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  • RWH

    Round up all the dropouts , force them into a prison bootcamp until they earn a GED and be done with it. Another option, cut all financial aid / housing for their families until their children come back to school and complete a high school education.

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  • shocked

    This is very unfortunate! I believe it speaks volumes about many students who are attending schools today- Why do they feel an education is not needed to become a successful adult, why are parents allowing them to drop out, etc… This is a sad situation that can be the beginning of a devastating trend for our area! Dropouts, low testing scores, and attendance issues are not only problems in Franklin!

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  • momto2Js

    Doesn’t Smithfield High make 4 schools, not 3?
    Can the reporter count?

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    • blackwaterpete

      Okay here we go! You want the truth so be it. Demographics! Look at the Demographics! When the numbers are punched in you can see the ratio based on color. Then broken down further you can see it as to the wealth of the family. Which in turns brings you to the fact of the parents taking part in the system. Of the above mentioned not to many do so. Those that drop out for the most 99% will be asking as the years go by one of two questions. 1. Woul you like to supersize that order or 2. Put you hands up or I shoot you man! no 2 will from there be working in the laundry at the state prision. So just throwing numbers around does not mean a thing until you look at the demographics. And you will not get quality admin or teachers as long as the schol systems pander to the race card. Do the job and do it right.

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