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Response to Libya attack was not effective

Published 11:06am Friday, November 2, 2012

To the Editor:

In December of 1941 a territory of the United States was attacked. The Commander in Chief did the following: called his cabinet together, State, Treasury, Defense, Military, etc. He then notified the public of what was known and when, along with the unknown. He never left his command post, the White House. It was a big event, a very big event. Lives were lost, property was destroyed and all by an up to that moment, “Friendly” nation. It was a sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, in a United States territory, by Japan.

In September of 2001 we suffered another sneak attack, this time within the United States. Our Commander in Chief coordinated his response and action with his cabinet. The President remained “hands on” throughout and following that attack. He, too, directed the United States public notifications, responses and reaction.

He, too, acted like a Commander in Chief.

On Sept. 11, 2012, a band of Islamic Radicals attacked the United States Consulate in Libya.

What did our Commander in Chief do? He announced the dastardly attack in the Rose Garden. He attributed it to a film clip negative towards Islam. Then he went campaigning in Las Vegas. Chris Stevens, Ambassador to Libya, requested help prior to and during the attack. Furthermore, the Ambassador indicated it seemed to be a well-planned, coordinated attack using heavy weapons. He would not get any help. He would be killed along with three other Americans attempting to help Ambassador Stevens.

The attack, we now know, was not a film clip-driven spontaneous act. In the Benghazi matter he fell short. President Obama did not rise to the level of an effective Commander in Chief.


John Murphy



  • Makalani

    RE: To quote a well respected evangelist, “Obama is shaking his fist at God”, Reverend Franklin Graham.

    Respected by who? Other hypocrites? LOL
    This is the son of Billy Graham who had on his website that Mormonism was a cult. That was deleted a couple weeks prior to the election but Rev Franklin never spoke out against that religious bigotry!

    Never mind Obama shaking his fist! God is shaking his fist at the intolerant son and father!

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  • sandbri

    Mr. Murphy forgot to mention the president in 2001 sat on a chair in a class room after being told of the 911 event and appeared dumb found until a secret service member came back to the room to call him out. He invaded a country without correct information and started a war which cost this country dearly, financially and still costing us in Afghanistan.
    Another case when Romney spoke prematurely to the public regarding the Benghazi attack, entirely misinterpreted the event, thus politicizing on we need a president jumping into conclusions? No.

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  • Makalani

    @employee2–RE: “I guess that would depend on who is not observing God’s laws (gay marriage, abortion,etc).”

    Well that pretty much settles it. GOD is on the side of Gov Romney because (Rs) by virtue of their stance on gay marriage/abortion are on the high moral ground. They are 10,000% in step with God‘s wishes. Conversely — using that logic — Prez Obama and the (Ds) are evil and on the side of Satan.

    There is only one thing wrong with generalizations and assigning any GROUP — be they (Rs) — (Ds)– Whites — Blacks — Redskin fans — city employees any imprimatur of superiority– generalizations don‘t stand up to logic. Groups are comprised of people. We know that people are not perfect. 100% of no group is perfect.

    Since you are a reasonably intelligent person — you would not be surprised to know that some (Rs) are gay (probably married also) — alcoholics — wife beaters — druggies — murderers — embezzlers — convicted felons — child molesters — mass killers and “OH MY GAWD!!” some (R) women have gotten abortions.

    As a group (Rs) are no better or worse than anyone other group. But if you choose to believe that (Rs) are morally superior — you are certainly entitled to that fallacious notion.

    I hope your guy wins tomorrow. That way God won’t be conflicted because the “morally superior party” won!

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    • employee2

      To quote a well respected evangelist, “Obama is shaking his fist at God”, Reverend Franklin Graham. The Black Pastors Association also condemned a vote for Obama. I am quite aware that there are gay republicans, alcoholics and other sins. Man is of a sinful nature, but condoning it is another matter. I personally have no problem with gay/lesbian people. However, I do have a problem with condoning it with a government stamp of approval.

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  • Makalani

    @rdarden- I agree 100 percent with your very cogent assessment. However all presidents lie. Johnson Gulf of Tonkin. Nixon Watergate. Clinton Monica Lewinsky. Reagan Iran Contra. W Bush Iraq WMD!
    I think you conservatives are trying to hold President Obama to a standard that has never existed!

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  • rdarden

    Makalani: Great points. However, there is a very large distortion of the truth in the entire Bengazi incident. I am not an Obama fan. Never have been and never will. But the facts are facts. There appears to have been a concerted effort to deliberately mislead the American people by the White House and top officials in the Fed. Government to save political face for the upcoming election.

    I cannot point to any clearer facts than to play Obamas own words in speeches the days and weeks following the attack. He has clearly indicted himself and administration by the constantly changing stories he and his subordinates have told over the past 1 1/2 months.

    I cannot blame Obama for the attack. We can all Monday morning quarterback afterwards on what should have been done and etc. But the facts are facts. Four brave Americans were left for dead by someone in the Federal Government. The person who made the decision not to send reinforcement assets needs to be ID’d and fired. Also the American people deserve the truth and need to be told what happened and steps that are being taken to prevent another incident such as this again.

    When we lose a US Ambassador, a US official, and 2 brave NAVY Seals, we owe it to their families and their honor not to be political about it, but simply tell the truth.

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  • Makalani

    RE:” I pray to God that he will be on his way out on Tuesday!”

    You are putting God in an awkward position aren’t you? What will he do about the people praying for an Obama win?

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    • employee2

      I guess that would depend on who is not observing God’s laws (gay marriage, abortion,etc).

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  • Makalani

    Since you are comparing Commander In Chiefs — let me input my 2 cents.

    Fox news and conservatives are hung up on the language of Prez Obama’s condemnation of the attack. Since conservatives consider him “a weak CIC who appeases America’s enemies and encourages such attacks” — there is NOTHING that he could have SAID or DONE that would make his critics happy.
    What would you have liked to see him do?

    Whereas a strong CIC like Prez Reagan could do no wrong. When terrorists bombed the Marine Barracks in Lebanon — killing 241 Marines — he gathered his military advisers/Cabinet and withdrew the remaining Marines. This sent the terrorists a message — “kill some Americans soldiers — they will tuck tail and run!” But Mr. Reagan redeemed his tough CIC image by invading Grenada — sending that menace to our freedoms a message — “DON‘T MESS WITH AMERICA!“

    Another tough CIC — Dubya Bush — gathered his military advisers/Cabinet after the 9/11 attacks and formulated a plan to invade Iraq — a bastion of terrorism and immediate threat to our freedoms. Saudi Arabia — where 14 of the 19 hijackers came from got a pass. NOT ONE PUBLIC threat to Saudia Arabia about harboring terrorists and/or providing financial support.

    As CIC — Dubya Bush did not FIRE one general in the Pentagon for one of the greatest military failures in our history — the inability to protect Washington, D.C. — the seat of our GOVT from attack. The general in charge of air defenses for the D.C. area could not protect his own HQ bldg — the Pentagon — but was NOT SACKED. Those brave passengers over Shanksville, PA who said “let’s roll” — saved the Capitol Bldg — reportedly the target of that airliner.

    Wouldn’t an effective CIC have fired somebody?
    A little research makes the definition of what constitutes an ineffective CIC very subjective. But if one is a (R) — it’s a slam dunk! Any guy with a (D) behind his name stinks as CIC!

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  • Masknup

    Obama is a joke. Vegas ad his campaign finances were more important. He is like all liberal democrats, hooray for me and my success and the hell with you! Obama is the biggest disgrace this country has ever seen. I pray to God that he will be on his way out on Tuesday!

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