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The mystery of the mysterious man goes on

Published 9:34am Saturday, November 3, 2012

To the Editor:

It is coming down to the wire now that we must make the final decision on who we will trust to become the President of the United States of America for the next four years. We have heard campaign speeches, debates, and candidates stating their positions on various issues, what they have done and what they will do. But, are we listening closely and remembering what we hear? It is hard to form a clear opinion on what we hear from a mystery man. We do not hear the same thing twice; an opinion today will be opposite the next day. Who is the mystery man who defies the nation by refusing to give his financial records as all previous presidential candidates have done? Who is he who emphatically states that he likes to fire people and proves it by closing down factories, putting people out of jobs, then walks away with billions of dollars in his pocket. He continues to repeat over and over about being such a successful businessman, but how and who benefits? I suppose any person who has no concern, no care, no compassion, no consideration, no honesty or anything else except their personal greed for money. He is only interested in adding a few others to the 23 billionaire families in the country, which is only 2 percent of the population.

Did networking take place within the money greedy arena of businessmen to close factories, only to pad their own pockets, and at the same time elevate the unemployment rate to use for political purposes? Who knows what this mystery man has done, and more importantly what he will do? Virginia, think back to some coming in and going out of businesses in the state, were they, or, are the closings for legitimate reasons, or to add to the coffers of the already greedy few? We notice frequently banks, companies, corporations, etc., merging with some bigger like groups, or being taken over by some other entity, then we soon find someone has misused, stolen or have helped themselves or maybe helped some aspiring billionaires do their dirty work. Suffolk and neighboring towns have also experienced some openings and closing, are the people responsible for looking out for what is best for our city and state, been to the table and got full details of, or has a mystery man been networking to get a better hold to garner more personal wealth? Could there be key people in every state who think selfishly and greedily as the mystery man does? How can voters believe and have confidence in someone who wants your vote but you have to wait until he is in office before he can tell what and how he will do the great things he has promised?


Ruby Walden


  • kingradman

    must be an OBAMA SUPPORTER. The only mystery I see is how we are to replay 16 trillon in debt

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  • Makalani

    Evidently Prez Obama is a deadbeat like the
    deadbeats who are voting for him!
    There should be a govt entitlement for campaign debts.

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  • employee2

    Interesting report from Akron Beacon Journal
    Ohio is a key battleground state and all of the candidates have campaigned here during the past months.
    Biden had a rally in Copley in August, Obama had a rally in Fairlawn in Sept, and Romney had a rally in Cuyahoga Falls just last week… these 3 communities are all within a 5 mile radius of Akron.The cost of the Biden rally was $10,549 and Copley sent a bill to the “Obama for America” campaign but never received a penny.The cost of the Obama visit was $34,166 and Fairlawn sent a bill to the Obama campaign but has never been paid either… this cost excludes a $21,304 additional cost for the Akron convention center which the Democratic Mayor of Akron donated for the “privilege of hosting a sitting president.”Romney’s campaign visit ? They contacted Cuyahoga Falls in advance, organized the plan, and promised to pay any extra expenses the city would incur. The city sent them a bill for $7,050 and the Romney campaign promptly paid it in full.
    Quoting the Mayor of Cuyahoga Falls, “I think it’s self-evident who is accountable for their deeds and who isn’t, who’s accountable for their actions and who keeps blaming everyone else.”
    Indeed, there’s a stark contrast between these candidates.

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  • jusdlh

    23 families are 2 percent of the population?

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  • jay

    Talking about mysteries – our current President has enough mysteries to write many, many novels, if one was writing novels.

    Let’s make this a 1-term president and get on with the business of improving the economy and welfare of the United States of America!

    I am proud to be an American!

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  • employee2

    “or, are the closings for legitimate reasons, or to add to the coffers of the already greedy few” is this describing the Soyndra factory?

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  • Typhoon

    The mystery man must be the “Carnival Barker” Barrak O’Bama.

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    • Sinoptik

      Is there an Irishman in the running I was unaware of?

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