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Resigning schools administrator not being held accountable

Published 10:08am Wednesday, November 7, 2012

To the Editor:

This letter is a direct response to the announcement of Bev Rabil’s resignation.

How dare she leave the Franklin City Public Schools in a mess only to go to a state job to “work with low-performing schools.” Are you kidding me?

Bev Rabil should be brought up on charges for perpetuating a fraud.

For years Bev Rabil had been given carte blanche. Were the members of the school board (past and present) asleep? How could one person have so much power?

The Tidewater News reported that members of the school board would not return phone calls, had no comment, or had no knowledge of her leaving, but in the last paragraph the chairwoman said that, “We’ll look at total staff and then decide about filling the position.”

Mrs. King, will that be before or after confirmation of Bev Rabil’s resignation?

The Tidewater News reported that some parents at a school board meeting called for the superintendent to resign, but they were pointing the finger at the wrong person. They should have gone after Bev Rabil for the school’s accreditation problem.

Parents don’t believe for one minute that the school board was totally blind sided. The question is how did The Tidewater News find out that Bev Rabil not only was leaving, but has a state job waiting for her?

Someone needs to think about the children of the Franklin City Public Schools and what it will take to correct this travesty.

Bottom line, Bev Rabil is headed for the hills and will not be held accountable for her actions.

Denise Grant

  • acritter10

    I applaud Mrs. Grant in her editorial, since I worked directly with Mrs. Rabil for many years. It was a complete nightmare for myself and unless you got to see the many people who were stomped on, walked all over by her and who were let go in an unfair and unnecessary fashion due to her blatant dislike, you can’t completely understand. She may have done some really good things for FCPS, but she also made the working environment for many a struggle! But those of us that were luck enough to get out while we could, were blessed abundantly. I do wish her well in her future endeavors but I know with Mrs. Kelley Conaway leading the show, the schools will succeed far better than they have under Mrs. Rabils’ leadership. And I find it completely hysterical that she is going to DOE to work with the Improvement Dept when she couldn’t get FCPS schools to improvement under her realm. And many people will not like what I have said, but only judge me if you walked a day in my shoes with her, and NOONE else did.

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  • momx2

    Thank you Bev Rabil. My children are grown and gone from the Franklin school system but I appreciate all you’ve done for the good of our schools. The hard work and dedication is greatly appreciated and the school system will sorely miss you. Good luck in Richmond. We should be asking the questions, “what has Belle been doing all these months”,where is her leadership and what is the direction She wants Franklin Schools to take to improve? It’s time for Belle to step up to the plate and take charge!!!!!

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  • franklinmom

    And as we all hide behind anonymous monakers, Ms. Grant was bold enough to put her real name in print… and I’ve got news for y’all: Agreed or not, she echoes the sentiments of many, both inside, and out, of the system.

    But yes… it IS time to move on.

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    • mbrya023

      My comment is below. My name is Michael Bryant.

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    • najb

      If you worked in FCPS long enough, as franklinmom has stated – it is very true that you will be glad to see BR leave. She is very good at making it very bad for those that get in her way or demonstrate any sort of thinking beyond her. Others that I know in the system today speak of it in hushed voices, but are counting down the days.

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  • southampton71

    BEV RABIL is a workhorse behind FCPS….give me a break, she won’t be REWARDED for all her actions!! the blame game goes on…..

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  • mason

    There is alot of good work to do. It’s time to move on.

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  • employee2

    Uninformed making accusations to cover their shortcomings.

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  • independent

    Are you kidding us? Bev Rabil is the battered workhorse for the last two MIA superintendents. VDOE knows an outstanding educator when they see one.

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  • happy2

    Ms. Grant. That is your sad opinion. Mrs. Rabil has done an awesome job, oh that’s right she is moving on! Why? Look at her boss that has done everything to bring our school system to an all time low! Thank goodness she is out of this mess, now onto a bigger mess, if you are wondering it is Belle, what are your thoughts on that!?

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  • mbrya023

    Mrs. Rabil has done so much for the Franklin School system. As a thirty one year old man, I can still look back on times in Middle School when she brought innovative ideas into the classroom. I particularly remember her doing work with robotics. We always look for someone to be the scapegoat, and I guess since she is leaving she is the one people want to point the finger at. The City School system is blessed that she stuck around as long as she did! Thank you Mrs. Rabil!

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  • TN2010

    I can’t put into words how strongly I disagree with Ms. Grant’s remarks concerning Mrs. Bev Rabil. She has been the best advocate that Franklin City Schools will ever have- She is the reason I kept my three children in the school system. She has always loved Franklin and Franklin City Public Schools. She works countless hours(nights and weekends) for our school system. We will never find a replacement that will put as much time, energy and heart into their work. I worry about our school system- especially without an empoyee of Mrs’s Rabil’s expertise, experience and dedication. I thank Mrs. Rabil for her years of service and congratulate her on this new endeavor.

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