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What a waste of a life

Published 11:45am Saturday, November 10, 2012

Laverne Smith on Thursday night lost her youngest son, Eric “E.T.” Smith, to yet another senseless murder.

A father of four young girls, E.T. Smith was 31, due to turn 32 on Dec. 24.

Rumor has it the murder was in retaliation to a fight. Rumor has it the murder suspect was hospitalized due to the injuries from this fight.

Is murdering someone over a fight any way of resolving the issue? Seems so extreme.

It’s amazing how little value people will put on one’s life. And whoever shot “E.T.” Smith to death, had to know he or she would get caught. Why take the risk of spending life in jail over revenge for a fight?

Family knew about the alleged fight and spoke to police.

But to see Laverne Smith sitting on the porch of her home Friday morning, wrapped up in her winter coat without any sleep, greeting mourners and sharing her story was heartbreaking. Nothing we can do will make her feel better.

We’re sure the Franklin police and Southampton County Commonwealth’s Office will do their best go get justice for “E.T.” Smith.

What a waste of a life.

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