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You asked: Southampton bills delayed due to adding $200 garbage fee

Published 12:00pm Saturday, November 10, 2012

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You asked: When is Southampton County going to mail personal property tax bills that are due Dec. 5?

COURTLAND—The delay in getting property tax bills to Southampton County residents was caused by the logistics involved with adding the first-time $200 annual garbage fee.

“The bills will be in the mail today or Friday,” County Treasurer David Britt said Thursday.

Britt expects with the Veterans Day holiday that residents should receive the their personal property tax bills by Wednesday. They will be due on Dec. 5 as they are every year.

The Board of Supervisors in May approved a $52 million budget that included the garbage fee for each household. County officials agreed to include the bill with personal property tax bills to save postage.

The process was delayed because the data that needed to be compiled to bill residents, Britt said.

“We’ve had a number of calls,” he said.

For those who don’t pay personal property taxes, the county located their addresses through the electric company and its 911 emergency calling base, he said.

Although the bills will be received later than normal, the county has met the deadline set by the state, Britt said.

“The state requires we mail (the bills) out 14 days before (Dec. 5) so we are within that window,” he said.

Anyone who does not receive a bill by next week should call the Treasurer’s Office at 653-3025.

The garbage fee is also due by Dec. 5.

  • barney1

    Last night I added up my real estate, personal property, and garbage fee which totaled $3500.00. I thought what is the county providing me for $3500. I live on a state maintained road. I have to haul my trash to a dumpsite where they dictate what I can dispose of for a fee of $200. I provide my own water and septic services. Police and fire are the only services we as county residents receive. When will our county officials figure it out. You can not spend more than you take in.

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  • Sinoptik

    Ah the complaints of the ill prepared. This fee was announced months ago, I therefore put it aside ahead of time. I guess many were hoping for it to be rescinded.

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  • medward434

    We should be allowed to pay this tax in monthly payments if we wanted to. They should not send these out two weeks before it is due. What is the Treasurer and his two assistants do for the rest of the year?

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  • christina97

    What I don’t understand is why do these bills have to come and be paid for right before Christmas? Why not send this stuff out in the summer time? Why not offer a payment plan for this supposed “fee”? Let people have a choice as to how they pay it (ie.,monthly, quarterly, biannual or in one payment). Hell, I’ve never heard of such a thing you have to pay to dump your own garbage, sounds a little backward to me…

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    • shadow03

      I agree that it was awful to send it right before Christmas. I am a single parent and do NOT have an extra 200.00 just laying around somewhere. I would be willing to pay 25.00 a month for 8 months.

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  • Masknup

    When in the hell is the Southampton County government going to get it’s act together? Im already furious over the cowardly $200 trash fee. The $200 fee is paying the difference that the big landowners should pay but do not thanks to loopholes created by the county, agriculture, etc. Well time to flush the current board out for another again…….

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  • movingrightalong

    According to David Britt the bills were mailed last Thursday or Friday. I haven’t received mine. Has anyone received their bill?

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  • bob

    I’m still wondering how they passed the fee considering property taxes are supposed to go towards county expenses such as trash doing. Not to mention we live in town so already pay for trash dumping and now we will have to pay it twice, not that we have even received our bill yet.

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  • smoke14

    If the County cannot give the taxpayers 30 days notice, then they should extend the deadline. Sure is funny that the office that sends out real estate taxes can send theirs out in plenty of time but NOT the Personal Property taxes. I was going to pay my real estate taxes when I got the bill but decided to wait until the other bill came and I am still waiting since husband is unemployeed again this year and we have car insurance due January. County would be better off to make montly payment arrangements with folks like I have to do with hospital bills we have.

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  • 2fishy

    i would like to know how is this going to be enforced? how are the people going to know who paid $200 and who did not? what is the county going to do when the people who did not pay the $200 start dumping the trash anywhere because they cannot use the dump? the roads are trashy all ready

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  • ivorcp

    I still haven’t received mine. But I’m going to wait until AFTER Christmas to pay it. I’ll just pay the fine. I am NOT going to let the county screw up my family’s Christmas. They’ve already messed me up enough as it is thanks to the budget cuts at the school…

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  • RACN35

    a single person pays as much as a family of 5 ? BULLSH*T

    I will get my trash dollars worth… I will dump everything possible and do my part to fill the bins…

    May even invite my friends from Emporia Suffolk and va beach to bring ALL their trash to the county…. you wanna charge me for it…. You will get your FILL !!!

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  • kingradman

    Merry Christmas. mr Jones!

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  • justareader

    If you’re going to be late sending me the bill, I think I should be late sending you the payment!

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  • vikkime434

    If it is just a “fee” why do they feel the need to get it out with the tax invoices. I wish they would just call it what it is already. The more they try to claim it as a “fee” the more ticked off I get.

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  • FromHere

    Good to know. I can’ hardly wait to get mine and spend that extra $200 right before Christmas. What a thoughtful act by the County. Next thing you’ll be seeing is cars being booted at Walmart full of Christmas toys for the kids. I’d have been SO much happier if the county had just said “We’re in a bind (not according to Mr.Dallas Jones) and we need money. Send us $200. I’d have sent it. But that’s water over the dam. dam.

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    Oh now we have logistics. I wonder how much it cost the taxpayers for the computer programs, extra postage (real estate and personal property mailed at differant times) and added labor cost.How much of the not a tax 200.00 dollars is left

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  • shadow03

    Well I am confused because I have already gotten my bill about a month ago. Are they sending out another bill with the 200.00 fee attached?

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    • Lou Anne Davis

      I think maybe you got the real estate tax bill a few months ago, but personal property I don’t think have been mailed yet.

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      • shadow03

        Is the personal property one for the car? The one I got is also due Dec. 5. So much for any Christmas presents for my children this year.

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