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Prosecutor to seek death penalty against Joyner

Published 12:00pm Tuesday, November 13, 2012

ISLE OF WIGHT—Isle of Wight County Commonwealth Attorney Wayne Farmer said Tuesday he will seek the death penalty for a Courtland man accused of murdering his father and stepmother on April 26.

“The decision to seek the death penalty was not made lightly, but having viewed all evidence in the matter and the nature of the offenses, I believe it’s appropriate,” Farmer said Tuesday.

He made the statement after a grand jury on Friday handed down three indictments of capital murder against Jay Joyner, 37, for allegedly killing Joe Joyner, 62, and his wife, Sandra, 58, at their Walters Highway home in Carrsville.

Friends of the victims have indicated that money was the motive for the killings.

Farmer expects that Joyner will ask for a jury trial. A date has not been scheduled.

Joyner is being held at Western Tidewater Regional Jail in Suffolk.

  • SandMan

    Hopefully, Mr. Farmer isn’t “over shooting” his defendant while going for the death penalty.Does Casey Anthony ring a bell?

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  • Makalani

    A heinous — cowardly ALLEGED double murder such as the one Mr. Joyner is accused arouses passionate responses in public forums such as this. However — the remarks are censored and people can’t just say whatever pops into their minds.

    We who knew & loved the Joyners are more concerned about justice for them than about offending someone.

    Perhaps you or someone could advise Mr. Joyner’s family to not to log on and read these posts under the articles if they are easily offended.

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  • HarleyGurl

    Please remember that he has a family and they hurt seeing posts like that. Why hurt them anymore than what they are going thru right now. Just Saying.

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  • SlimPickens

    Can I flip the switch? I would have absolutely no issues doing that.

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  • Makalani

    If the Comm Atty is OK with the death penalty …
    If the family is OK with the death penalty …
    Then I am OK with it!

    Only seems fair that the defendant should pay the ultimate price if convicted for such a heinous — cowardly ambush/ALLEGED double-murder. The money motive is all the more reason for this pathetic loser of a son “to fry!” Money that would have probably been used to help feed an ALLEGED drug habit!

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