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President needs to do something to stop drug plague

Published 10:05am Friday, November 16, 2012

To the Editor:

Chickens will usually come home to roost as will our country when we have a knowledgeable and caring “farmer” to oversee the flock.

United States presidents are the overseers of our success. They cannot ignore their “flock” when a disease spreads.

There is an awful disease, which has spread like wildfire throughout our country and it is called illicit drugs. For the past 40-plus years, this plague has and is destroying our people from children to adults.

Not one mention was made by either Presidential candidate as to what his plan would be to stop the drug wars coming across our borders and those illicit drugs being made here.

A recent TV show showed the 14,000-plus homeless and drug-ridden people living under bridges and in tunnels in Las Vegas alone, not counting the masses all over our country and the billions of dollars being made by the “drug lords.”

Abortion destroys lives, but illicit drugs also destroy children whose parents are addicted. The children live the remainder of their lives abnormally.

I’d like to see our President take the men and women fighting for us on foreign soil and the wasted billions of dollars on people who don’t even like us and bring them home to clean up our streets from this plague that is rampant.

Don’t be afraid of China, Russia, or any other country as long as we stand up and first fight to take care of our own people in order that we can be strong and face adversity in whatever direction it comes from.

We need someone in authority to oversee the “flock” of our people from this terrible plague. We wait impatiently to see what the President does.

Rachel Clement

  • FromHere

    The President can’t do anything to stop drugs. In a perfect world, the gangs and drug users would die off and the younger generation would have the education, home life, morals and financial means to all live a successful life without having to resort to drugs or gangs for a “family”. And we all know this will never happen. It is up to us to do the best we can raising our children and providing them with the proper environment in hopes they leave drugs alone. And that isn’t going to happen in every home either.

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  • Makalani

    “The War on Drugs” started with Prez Nixon! Prezs Ford — Carter — Reagan — Bush the Elder — Clinton — Dubya Bush — now Obama — $trillions$ in enforcement costs later — 100s of 1000s of incarcerated druggies — both users and sellers — 10s of 1000s more dead from overdoses — drug violence — yet drugs and druggies are more plentiful than ever.

    Could you please offer some tangible suggestions — other than troops in the streets/martial law — as to what Prez Obama can do that the aforementioned Prezs — who probably hated the drug plague as much as he does — didn’t do?

    If I were you — I wouldn’t be holding my breath while waiting impatiently!

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  • Sinoptik

    “Not one mention was made by either Presidential candidate.”

    My first issue is you were thinking of things in the terms of “either”. There was a candidate that mentioned the drug issue and knows what it will take to reduce it’s effects. No one mentions him.

    The first step is decriminalizing them and stopping the “War on drugs” started by Nixon. Not only will revenues wasted on imprisoning non-violent drug offenders be freed up, but revenues through the regulated sale of narcotics will also add to the pool of money. This will reduce the street violence attributed to adversarial street drug dealers. This will also limit the even more dangerous laced or cut drugs. These funds can be fed into treatment and rehabilitation programs, voluntarily for those who want it, or mandatorily for those who still break the law to fund their addiction.

    The crusaders that pressured congress into passing the Volstead Act taught us a couple of things, that prohibition will not slow the use any kind of intoxicant, but instead will feed the criminal element that prospers by it. (My issues with the hypocrisy of American glamorization of alcohol vs degrading statements towards people who use drugs will not be elaborated on in this comment)

    Like the Volstead act, the prohibition of drugs has allowed criminal enterprises to prosper, it has allowed poorly manufactured drugs to kill again and again, and has done nothing but expand the size and diversity of the drug trade.

    There should be treatment instead of imprisonment, education instead of enforcement, regulated manufacturing instead of drugs cut with poison. It’s time to be enlightened instead of angry.

    P.S. Your proposal to send the armed forces into the streets to enforce the law speaks of a kind of government I thought most people in this country abhor.

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