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Do Armory Drive gas stations conspire?

Published 10:05am Wednesday, November 21, 2012

To the Editor:

I went to Suffolk about two weeks ago and unleaded gas there was $3.15 a gallon.

Why is it that our fuel service stations are stuck at a higher price $3.35?

I heard a rumor several months ago that the Armory Drive gas stations would get together and decide what they were going to charge so the price would be the same.

As I said, it was a rumor, but who knows?

Price gouging is not something that helps our community. We all work hard, and with the current financial situation our community finds itself in, I believe this practice does nothing more than price gouging.

How greedy can people be? I understand that the companies need to make money from selling fuel, but I do not understand why it is less expensive 25 miles east of us.

It is even cheaper up near Petersburg.

Barbara McGrath
Pendleton, N.C.

  • Tinka

    It was like this in May, too. I went to Lexington, VA. Gas here in Franklin was close to 3.57-3.59 and it was actually .10 TO .25 cents cheaper on rte 95 N and 64 westbound. Notice that no service station owners seem to be commenting….

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  • momto2Js

    Yeah it’s always about 10 cents cheaper in Windsor.

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  • DryRain
  • smoke14

    It had gotten down as low as 3.07 in Suffolk. I am now having to wirk in Suffolk so why should purchase gas in Franklin that is 30 cents higher. Gas was cheaper a week a go in Newport News than in Franklin. What is wrong with this picture. Is it Franklin city taxes on gas causing the higher prices. It is a real joke

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  • SoCo Girl

    I have often wondered the same thing. We have no control, so what do you do!

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  • happycamper

    Gas prices are different every where you go. Lots of things come into play: transportation costs, taxes, etc. I travel on I-95 a lot. I note often that gas prices on 95 in Emporia are $0.20 to $0.25 higher than if you simply drive a half mile on 58 and get off on 301. The further east you come, the more it drops … until you get to the 7-11 in Courtland. After that, it generally rises a bit more. I don’t think it’a a conspiricy at all. I think it’s just the quirks of the marketplace. Want to save a lot? Drive down to SC to fill up. I did that a week ago. Filled up with regular for $2.98 a gallon. Used it all up getting back to Franklin!

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  • Dakota01


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  • SandMan

    Another person who’ll drive 20 miles to save 5 cents on a gallon of gas, but will buy a Coke for $1.25 while at the gas station.

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  • spider68

    As of yesterday, gas was $3.13 in Suffolk. Go figure.

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  • pwvfcf

    Gas is cheaper everywhere else around here. South Hill, right at I85 is cheaper than Franklin. If anyone is going to be out of town, they need to fill up before heading back to Franklin. I have bought mid-grade gas in Suffolk cheaper than regular in Franklin. Ridiculous.

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