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Deadline for garbage fee extended till March

Published 11:21am Wednesday, November 28, 2012

COURTLAND—Southampton County supervisors on Monday voted 6-0 to extend the deadline to March 31 for paying the $200 garbage fee.

Supervisors also agreed to allow residents to file exemptions for paying the fee through Jan. 31.

Since mailing the first-time garbage bills two weeks ago, the county has received complaints from residents unaware of the fee, which supervisors approved in May for its $52 million budget. The $200 was due on Dec. 5, the same day as real estate and personal property taxes.

Some 250 residents said they didn’t know they could file for exemptions by Sept. 1. County Administrator Mike Johnson estimates the county will have to hire temporary employees for about $6,000 to help residents fill out the applications. Supervisors agreed to spend the money.

The exemption is given to a home occupied by residents 65 or older, or who are totally disabled; have a combined annual household income of less than $30,000; and a combined financial worth of less than $80,000. Supervisors on Monday agreed to include anyone who lives in a trailer park that provides trash service and households occupied by veterans who are exempt from real property taxes due to a 100 percent military disability

Supervisors also voted 4-2 to send notices to the county’s 7,000 homes about the fee, which they had not done before. Franklin District Supervisor Barry Porter and Newsoms District Supervisor Glenn Updike opposed mailing the notices.

“Anyone who complains that they can’t pay it, say we have extended the deadline because of notification problems,” Porter said. “I don’t think we need to spend money to send 7,000 letters.”

“We failed to notify the public properly, although it was legally done,” added Berlin/Ivor District Supervisor Ronnie West.

March 31 will be the deadline for future years to avoid a conflict with the state-required tax deadline of Dec. 5.

The costs for collecting, handling and disposing garbage will equal $1.8 million for fiscal year 2013. This equates to an annual expense of more than $250 per household. The fee is expected to generate $1.34 million annually, which will cover 71.6 percent of the cost of managing the county’s garbage. The $534,000 balance will be funded through property taxes.

  • MikeW

    Merry Christmas from the Southampton County board of supervisors! I’m sure this isn’t the last gift we’ll get from this merry bunch.

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  • zunifarmer13

    I have alredy paid my trash tax and have figured out a way to make the money back. I use my truck, which is registered in Southampton and has the dump sticker, and I go to all my neighbors in IOW who are elderly and they each pay me $10 a month to take out their trash. I then take their IOW trash to the Southampton dump. I have gathered enough “clients” to offset the $200 as well as my own gas expenses. If everyone helps out their neighbors in surrounding counties for a minimal fee then you can offset this silly fee and feel confident that you are in return sticking it to Southampton by increasing the trash tonnage. Its fool proof.

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    • MyHometown

      That is real smart. Then when the counties’ costs go up they will raise the cost for the rest of us and then we will all owe more.

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    I still feel like I’m being robbed…but at least I’m not being robbed right before Christmas.

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  • Sinoptik

    Complain complain complain… Ok, we’ll push it back… But that’s when I pay taxes, complain complain complain. Next will be pushing it to summer… But now I can’t go on vacation… complain complain complain.

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  • chgwalt

    I am very happy to hear that they finally realized that the people were not informed properly that certain ones qualified for exemption and had no notice to file. It is a shame that this caused some elderly people some mental stress right here at the holidays. I still do not agree with fee, regardless!

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  • DR

    It seems to me the county could save considerable money by cutting back on the scheduled pick ups. I know we could easily do with having our refuse picked up every other week, and recycles picked up every other month.

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  • luvafireman2000

    I love having to pay for garbage pick up twice. I have paid for pick up at my house for 8 years now. I don’t even use the dumpsite honestly, but yet I have to pay this. Guess that is the punishment I get for living in the town of Courtland….double taxes for everything! I mean we already pay for a ”county sticker” we don’t even get. Why can’t that money be used towards this fee?????

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  • smoke14

    Yeah, what about those folks who have already paid. This is a real joke. I still want to know how they are going to enforce!! Those folks in Boykins already have to pay the town to pick up their trash why do they also have to pay the county for what the town does. Double taxing. Is that legal??

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  • foxtrotter56

    It would’ve been nice if they had decided this prior to requesting payment due 12/05 which I just mailed out yesterday. On top of this being a ridiculous mess, I could’ve had more time to save to not put a hardship on me financially right here @ Xmas time. Also, it would make more sense to have residents pay a monthly fee instead of the whole amount. That is what you do in Franklin, etc. I personally resent having to pay a fee for something that I have to manually take myself as well as spend my gas to take it. I could see paying $200 if it go picked up. And I have never understood to start with why the county requires payment of 2012 taxes before the end of the year when 2012 isn’t even over with yet. They should not be due until the end of January of the upcoming year. What a big joke this whole county system is!

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  • kingradman

    Whta a joke this whole mess is

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  • christina97

    The delay is great, but for God’s sake why don’t you send out a post card (cheaper than mailing a letter) to inform people??? Just calling and getting told it’s been changed is not very responsible! What about those who don’t read the Tidewater News, how are they going to know? What if you are taking their last $200 that they were going to use for Christmas, bills, medicine, etc… and pay it by the 5th because they didn’t know cause this county is too cheap to send out notices. Geezzz Get real!!!

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