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A massacre in grade school — we are at it again

Published 8:59am Friday, December 21, 2012

To the Editor:

Guns involved in a terrible event, comments about the supposed cause, presentations about all sorts of supposed cures.

One thing I find sadly missing. The comments that state the truth of the fact — such events are immoral. I hold that as one sort of immorality becomes acceptable and ignored, other sorts of immorality become easier to accept and also to be ignored.

Anyone who thinks any one thing is the infallible answer is asleep with their eyes open. It is true that there is a variety of things that can be done that will be beneficial. But one thing that will be beneficial in a variety of spheres will be an improvement in our overall sense of morality.

And, I think that has to have its beginning in the home. Again this is not a 100 percent solution, but I do believe it has to be considered along with all other approaches.

I don’t think we can wave the flag of freedom for all the world to see if we are unable to tackle what should be one of the foundation blocks of a great nation. That is a sense of morality that respects and protects the rights and safety of others.

It seems we have a real job on our hands. Will we be up to it?

Philip Huggins

  • Bill Skora

    Mr. Huggins is indeed correct. in saying that the idea of an armed people was a mistake shows Sinoptik’s basic lack of understanding liberty. To put it short and bluntly; an armed man is a free man, a disarmed man is a subject. Yes, it’s campy, but it’s true. Solid Christian morality had long been one of the major glues that held our society together and kept order. With it being excised from daily life in the name of forced progressive egalitarianism society will invariably begin to crumble. That is not my opinion, that is historical fact.

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  • Sinoptik

    A swing and a miss. This letter deems such an event as a result of a lack of morality. There are some words indicating that it is a mixture of issues, but the letter writer keys in on the presumption that accepting immoral act leads to incidents such as this, ala slippery slope.

    What is missed here is that in all cultures and over the centuries this has been happening. in ’96 in Scotland 16 children of the same age group were killed in the same manner, 2 years earlier in Niger, 4 kids were killed by club in a school. Back in the days the deluded people think were so perfect, in 1959 a man in Texas suicide bombed a school playground during recess. in 1891 New York a man fired a shotgun at a group of students injuring 5.

    This situation is not new. It does not relate to any decline in morality at all. The increasing frequency does, however, relate to the failed mental health treatment methods of today.

    As a society, we are well f…ed and far from home. Whatever causes the imbalances that make people behave irrationally, we have no effective manner in which to get a handle on it. You might as well get used to the craziness folks, it is not going anywhere.

    As for the gun debate, I take no side for there is no side that makes sense. The “glorious forefathers” so many people think were infallible and infinitely intelligent made plenty of mistakes in forming this country. I am not saying they were not intelligent and noble men, but they did fail on some aspects that we have had to correct over the last couple of centuries. Not granting civil rights to all persons was one of their biggest failings.

    I personally think the 2nd Amendment was also a huge mistake, and one we can no longer correct. Firearms have proliferated through this country to the point where a ban would be ineffective and would, in fact, leave firearms only in the hands of the lawless. In retrospect, we would have been better off if strict control of firearms was implemented in the beginning. The idea then was, of course, to keep the government in the control of the people, a theory that failed without a shot fired anyways. Today I maintain a firearm as a result of the failure, not the success of the 2nd amendment. I would gladly give it up if everyone else was willing.

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