Taylor Clements, from left, her mother, Suzanne Kuhlman, and Kuhlman's daughter, Madison, were injured in an accident involving an Isle of Wight County Sheriff's deputy on Nov. 14. SUBMITTED

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Former Franklin woman recuperates from crash involving deputy

Published 10:23am Monday, December 24, 2012




SMITHFIELD—Five weeks after being involved in an accident allegedly blamed on an Isle of Wight County Sheriff’s deputy, former Franklin resident Suzanne Gray Kuhlman was released from Riverside Rehabilitation Center in Smithfield on Saturday.

“I’m doing OK,” said Kuhlman, who suffered the worst of the injuries. “I still can’t stand or walk yet. I’ve still got to heal. There’s no time line, but I’m determined to make it happen soon.”

The Smithfield woman and her two daughters were injured on Nov. 14 after Deputy Steven Sheridan allegedly drove his patrol car into the path of their sport utility vehicle as he turned left into the courthouse complex on Route 258 in Isle of Wight.

Sheridan, 27, was treated and released from Sentara Obici Hospital in Suffolk and cited with failure to yield and not wearing a seat belt. Sheridan, who remains on the job, at 1 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 24, will have a hearing in Isle of Wight General District Court on the charges filed by Virginia State Police.

Sheriff Mark Marshall said there also was an internal investigation, but didn’t comment further because he said it’s a personnel matter.

Kuhlman, 34, and her daughters Taylor Clements, 16, and Madison Kuhlman, 7, were taken to Riverside Regional Medical Center in Newport News.

Taylor chipped her hip and Madison suffered liver lesions. Both spent a week in the hospital and continue to recuperate.

Both of Kuhlman’s lungs collapsed and she broke her right femur, which required an eight-hour operation. Her left elbow was demolished and took six hours to repair in surgery. She also suffered two lesions to her knees, fractured her left pelvic bone and broke three ribs.

She was in intensive care for two days, spent a week in a regular room and the remaining time in rehab.

“I was conscious through the whole thing. We all were,” said Kuhlman, recalling the accident. “They (emergency responders) kept us calm until paramedics came. That means a lot. We’re definitely grateful.”

Kuhlman is doing home therapy and looks forward to getting back to work; she is a receptionist for Dr. Michael Lepore in Suffolk.


  • 1812

    This really sounds like an awful injustice.

    The Isle of Wight Deputy was only charged with “failure to yield and not wearing a seat belt” by the Virginia State Police, and he still remains on the job.

    I sincerely doubt that any other citizen under similar circumstances would receive anything less than reckless driving.

    There should be much more serious consequences than a failure to yield right of way charge for such a terrible accident resulting in this poor women’s awful injuries.

    I hope that after the deputy has his day in court and the internal investigation is completed that Sheriff Marshall handles this matter in a fair and appropriate way.

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    • SandMan

      1812: apparently that was the last year you read a law book. Failure to Yield is a subsection of Reckless Driving. The deputy made a mistake (I know, OMG)!!!He has admitted his mistake & is being treated as any other tax paying citizen. Believe you me, Sheriff Marshall is handling this case as any other and there will be NO preferential treatment, nor a cover-up. Lets put away the hangman’s noose & let the Judge decide the punishment!

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  • stirit

    Did anyone help this poor women out with Christmas I wonder?

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    • localcitizen

      Yes stirit, they did. Her friends bought and delivered Christmas presents to her and her girls. They have done raffles and fundraisers for her as well. Suzanne has wonderful friends and family who will love, help, and support her throughout her long recovery.

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