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Supervisors need to be more active in hiring

Published 10:12am Wednesday, January 9, 2013

To the Editor:

I would like to comment on the recent article “Assistant Southampton County Administrator resigns,” Jan. 4.

It appears that Southampton has become a training ground for young talented officials. We should be seeing more tenure from these positions. Hiring a young talented employee for a lower than average salary and expecting them to retire there is crazy. What about the future?

Now there is no one to take over if the county administrator resigns or retires?

Southampton County doesn’t even have a dedicated human resources staff to promote retention and handle employee relations matters. This is totally an improper form of management.

The county administrator does not work closely enough with employees to know the needs and obstacles that departments face; his management style is totally reactive and should be proactive.

How are we supposed to retain and have good loyal employees who want to stay with the poor management that we have.

The Board (of Supervisors) is so concerned with saving money that they are not paying attention to what is going on with the staff. The Board definitely needs to take a more active role in the management and accountability of county employees.

Winston Johnson

  • spdrewry

    Hire local young adults who want to stay in their hometowns raise a family here and retire here. Of course you will have to pay them decent salaries but it doesn’t have to be 125,000.00 to start off. Was Mike Johnson making his today salary when he started, I don’t think so. There is a good starting salary and then work for future raises. There are young people who want to stay here lets find them.

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  • kingradman

    excellent point DryRain!

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  • DryRain

    Kingradman is absolutely right, it is like that everywhere and the government benefits are much better.

    Winston Johnson brought up a good point that really needs to be addressed and that is “Southampton County doesn’t even have a dedicated human resources staff”. Human Resources staff is very important in the operations of any larger business.

    I personally feel like hiring local qualified people are your best bet for retention, moral within a department and smoothness of the daily operations.

    But the downside of hiring all locals is the “good ole boys” effect it has on a department, which is where a good Human Resources Department should come in, recognize what is going on and make the situation right.

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  • beachgirl

    You would think they would learn…I know several college students born and raised here and were not even considered for the jobs they applied for in the County and in the City after graduation, and took jobs in other cities…got the experience and still were not given a chance…

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    • SandMan

      You tell ‘em, Beachgirl! Too many employers think ALL kids from the area are the ones hanging out on their truck tailgates in the WalMart parking lot. Many of our children went on to graduate from universities & aim for a better life, but their reputations are damaged by the “Local Yokel” stereotype.

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  • employee2

    The same thing went on at Union Camp, with the engineer’s they hired every year. They would be hired after college graduation, put in a few years and move on to $greener$ pastures.

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  • kingradman

    Mr Johnson, I am afraid that happens in many good Cities, Norfolk and Portsmouth for example lose a lot of good employees to cities like va beach, I know of several Police officers that “train” in Portsmouth and then leave after a year to Va beach, Va beach pays better. I dont think the problem is Just Southampton.The workers will not get rich working for a city Government. They do however , often receive better benefits that the private sector.I guess its a trade off?

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  • happycamper

    So, I’m guessing either you, your wife, or one of your children work for the county!?

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