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Laws do not protect, people do

Published 10:40am Friday, January 11, 2013

To the Editor:

Having listened to a lot of talk and reading my share of published articles, I feel it necessary to express my observations. As we have progressed from the times of Barbarism to a more civil people, we have found it necessary to have rules by which we live. The founders of this country well recognized it.

Not like Nancy Pelosi, who feels we should hurry up and pass it so we can find out what is in it. They had long discussions from any and all before they decided on what rules were needed, how they would be worded and applied.

The Constitution stated that some of our rights had already been granted by our Creator and was very specific about the power of the government, which is granted by its people. Knowing the occasion would arise when this document need changes, a means was provided through amendments.

Any one group did this with great caution to lessen too much power. Our founders knew law-abiding citizens would only adhere to these rules. How I know this is because they also formed a judicial system to deal with those who were elected and disregarded the rules.

Think now, we have all laws or rules to control people and then they only give us a means to punish them. No words written on a piece of paper protects us. No object has the ability to do harm on its own.

Whiskey, illegal drugs and guns, to name a few, will not cause any harm on their own. Yes that’s what I said; it’s the misuse of these things that causes harm. I know some people believe that if we make them unavailable then we will no longer have problems with them. Wrong!

Because we tried it with alcohol, and those wanting it still got it from bootleggers of which one of our prominent families has ancestral ties. We have all these laws, which make it illegal to manufacture, import, sell or use certain drugs. Question. How many of our children under 18 die ever year from drugs, and do you really think we have stopped it? No, we have not.

Now we come to guns, which have been regulated and banned in some areas. Because of the tragic misuse of this object, we are now rushing to throw another law at the problem as one senator said while the “iron is hot.” This will not stop this type of incident. It will control law-abiding citizens.

So before we rush to get that new law on the books and start patting ourselves on the back feeling we have fixed the problem, let us look for other avenues to protect less we make illegal gun runners rich as we did the bootleggers when prohibition was in effect.

Remember laws do not protect, people do.

Is another law passed the answer?

Reginald Bradshaw

  • momto2Js

    The issue is not just about limiting access of people with mental health issues; if it was then O’Bama would have made it easier to have these people committed, not ban guns. Criminals & crazies do not abide by laws, that’s why they’re criminals. The laws we have now have not cut down on the criminal population in prisons, what makes you think more laws will?

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  • Sinoptik

    And I just don’t understand why people can’t get it through their heads that the discussion is simply about trying to limit the access of people with mental health issues or those with a propensity for violence. If you can’t agree with any of the 23 executive orders as I read them, I have to seriously wonder about your mental state.

    As for the limit on capacity or banning a certain type of firearm (which is not in the list of executive orders); it’s not that critical. If you can’t hunt with less than ten shots, get out of the woods. And if you are in a home defense situation that requires a 50 round drum magazine, you are in too deep anyways.

    But maybe, when that unique person that does not like Mondays decides that it is time to flip out, they will not be able to reach into dad’s closet and pull out a Bushmaster with 210 rounds magged up and ready to go.

    It won’t stop every situation, true; but it may stop some, and it takes no ability to own and use a firearm away from the average citizen.

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  • FromHere

    And I just don’t understand why people can’t get it thru their heads that criminals can buy a gun off the street in 5 minutes, regardless of what kind of gun laws are in place. Yes, some of these guns may have been stolen from individual homes, but if that source is no longer available, the guns will come from somewhere else. There’s plenty of crack on the streets, but nobody stole it from someone’s house. Drugs are illegal and you see how easy it is to get those. It’s just as easy for a criminal to buy banned guns. Honest people need guns to defend themselves from the dishonest. I agree with Chris Fuller and also thank him for his service.

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  • Chris Fuller


    Very well said. It seems like everytime something tragic happens in this country everyone wants to find someone or something to blame (In this case guns). You are 100% correct when you state that a new law will not fix the problem. These people in government need to stop and think. How about they send the President out without the numerous armed secret service agents to protect him. What do they think will happen. I can tell you what they think will happen they think that someone may try to kill him and he will not have any protection. However, on the other hand thats exactly what they want to do to us, they want to send us out into the world with no way to protect ourselves. Like I have heard many people say. Guns to not kill people. Criminals with guns kill people. And a new law is not going to prevent that because they are criminals and last time I checked most criminals do not follow the laws. Let me get down off of my soap box now. I just get fired up over this subject because I am overhere in Afghanistan fighting for our rights while our government is constantly trying to take them away. Thank You for the article.

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    • kingradman

      Chris thank you for your service, we appreciate all you do

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