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IWA, Southampton High basketball games canceled for tonight

Published 11:07am Friday, January 18, 2013

Southampton High School will not play its boys’ and girls’ basketball game tonight, Jan. 18.

Both teams were scheduled to host Prince Edward.

Isle of Wight Academy also has canceled its boys’ and girls’ basketball games against Portsmouth Christian tonight.


  • beachgirl

    Really joewiththefirt???? seems you must be talking about yourself…I agree just a dusting??? just like the time the schools closed a day before any snow came…and no snow came…

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  • SandMan

    All these cancellations & school closings over a dusting? Really?

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    • joewiththedirt

      you have something to say about almost every article but will then attack someone elses POV?

      Can you say—-HYPOCRITE?

      or maybe just aSmartA@@!

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      • SandMan

        JoewiththeDirtyFeet….attack someone else’s point of view (POV stands for personally owned vehicle)? Like YOU speaking ill of the coaches @ SHS. Yes, I can say hypocrite…..I’m responding to one!!

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