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Deteriorating rate of civility needs considered

Published 9:53am Wednesday, January 23, 2013

To the Editor:

As the rush by our president to trash the Second Amendment steams along, let us examine some facts regarding Chicago, his hometown.

Chicago, which has the strictest gun laws in the United States, offers some facts to consider.

The president demonizes firearms while suggesting more laws, directed at honest law-abiding citizens, will make it all stop. Yet Chicago’s 2012 death count at 516 and the city’s history of homicide by firearm will not change by banning firearm accessibility to law-abiding citizens.

Chicago’s murder history tells the story. The homicide tally in previous years — 471 in 2006, 448 in 2007, 513 in 2008, 459 in 2009, 436 in 2010 and 435 in 2011 — speaks volumes.

The people responsible — mostly gang bangers, drug dealers fighting over turf and criminals — have “an over exaggeration of oneself” and “wanton disregard for life.” They ignore all civilized law.

President Barack Obama suggests that increased background checks of honest citizens will reduce that death toll. He suggests that banning “assault” weapons will curtail murders as well.

Yet historical data indicates the previous assault weapons ban law from 1994 to 2004 had no impact at all. That ban driven more by cosmetics than functional features, including pistol grips, bayonet lugs, muzzle brakes, collapsing or folding stocks, did not factor into the killing equation. Show me one instance where a victim was stabbed to death by a bayonet mounted on a rifle.

The criminals and mayhem-driven loonies do not subscribe to any of the laws or controls already in force in Chicago now, or any other restrictions for that matter and will not in the future.

Will more rules and regulations really make a difference? I think not. Perhaps a look at our national deteriorating civility, driven by murder and mayhem movies and video games, needs a good hard look.

John Murphy

  • Makalani

    That’s a fair question.
    “Less may be more” to some people … I am 68-years-old (next week) … have lived a long time … have a lot of opinions … have an outlet for them … have the time (being retired) … have not broken any forum rules on frequent posting (as far as I know) … could go on and on … but I have to reply to Mr. Murphy’s latest letter … AND Steve’s editorial!

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  • Liberty With Responsibility

    Makalani–why do u comment on nearly every letter? Less is more, you know.

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  • Makalani

    RE: “Will more rules and regulations really make a difference? I think not!”
    I agree 10,000% with this statement! Wackos/mentally unhinged crazies/”loonies” with guns bent on murder/mayhem — don’t care about gun control laws!

    But the President is obligated to propose something — lest he be accused of lack of leadership!

    I also agree 10,000% with your premise that “our national deteriorating civility, driven by murder and mayhem [in] movies and video games, needs a look at.

    What would possess a 15-year-old kid — as one did in New Mexico last week — to ALLEGEDLY murder his mother — father and three of his siblings? Watching 1000s of murders in movies on TV — watching peoples’ heads/bodies explode while playing violent video games?

    At one time in our society — many minor traffic disputes/road rage incidents — many minor disputes between strangers in public — many minor disputes with neighbors and many minor beefs between young people would often end in fistfights and maybe bloody noses. Now — many more of these minor incidents escalate into fatal gunplay. Breakdown of civility in our society?

    RE: “The president demonizes firearms ….“
    I take 10,000% exception to this statement!

    The only piece of legislation on guns enacted under Prez Obama’s administration EXPANDED gun rights. In 2009 — he signed a law allowing guns in the National Parks.
    ( 5/19/09)

    Why would a guy who “demonizes guns” sign such a law?
    Why would a guy accused of “trashing the 2nd Amendment” sign a law strengthening/upholding it?

    If more gunnutz/zealots errr…errr… staunch 2nd Amendment advocates… would tune out Wayne LaPierre’s lies and rhetoric — do more objective research — perhaps they would stop stockpiling guns and ammo in anticipation of President Obama/the govt coming after their guns.

    Who knows — with more knowledge — some of their paranoia might even dissipate!

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