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Navy to use Wallops Flight Facility

Published 8:32pm Thursday, January 24, 2013

WALLOPS ISLAND–The Navy this summer will begin touch-and-go practice landings at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility on Virginia’s Eastern Shore.

The Franklin City Council voted twice in early 2011 not to allow the Navy the use of the Franklin Municipal Airport for the same purpose.

Pilots of the E-2 Hawkeye and C-2 Greyhound aircraft will conduct up to 20,000 passes annually at the site, the Navy announced Thursday. Wallops Flight Facility was selected over the Emporia-Greensville Regional Airport.

Pilots based at Naval Air Station Oceana in Virginia Beach will practice touch-and-go maneuvers at Wallops before deploying.

Officials said the Navy determined the operations would have no significant environmental impacts.



  • A

    Yesterday the VA Pilot came out in favor of Wallops island; two years ago they somewhat chastised the citizens of Franklin for opposing the effort to train here. Just depends on who the editor is at the time or which way the wind is blowing. They referenced (now retired) Capt Matt Baker’s position of the excess cost all along. I vividly remember Capt Matt shaking his head as the Navy Public Relations team tried to assure our citizens that the flight path could be shifted to protect us as he stood by the pattern diagram in his fatigues. He knew all along that it couldn’t be altered that much. Mr. allsites below warns that this political football may still be punted a few more times before the game is over and I can only hope that the Navy finds a good solution for our country with political assistance rather than interference. Meanwhile, it’s business as usual and citizens need to put the politicians and Navy brass on notice to serve our country!

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  • allsites

    I caution that this is not a done deal. The Secretary did mention that looking at using Emporia or Wallops was only a stop gap.

    He still has to perform a study for the JSF and he did mention he would be back when that study was started. I fear this decision to use Wallops is part of setting up the need based statement so many of us asked him to produce. I fear he is going to say, “see, we require this 2nd OLF because we are using, and interfering with Wallops to perform all the region’s FCLP training” when he starts to perform the JSF study.

    The previous studies will be ignored and the information in them the Secretary will claim is invalid.

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  • A

    They wouldn’t followo Capt Matt’s recommendation for Wallops and he was removed from the process. Have to wonder how many other careers were juggled before this conclusion was finally reached. Whatever, glad it has seemingly worked out.

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  • nadawa

    Finally, the Navy exhibits a little common sense.

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