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Updike votes against tax break

Published 10:10am Tuesday, January 29, 2013

COURTLAND—Southampton County supervisors on Monday voted 5-1 to grant a tax break to a company building an asphalt and concrete plant in Ivor.

Newsoms District Supervisor Glenn Updike voted against the $150,000 discount on taxes over five years to AMAC Leasing.

“I cannot consider this at all because is it not in an industrial-approved area, and when they came before the planning commission and board (of supervisors), they did not request this tax-exempt status,” Updike said. “We had an agreement with them. I cannot see how we can approve this $150,000 decrease.”

Three supervisors said the board was well aware of offering AMAC a tax break for its $5 million development on Route 460 west of Sadler Road.

“From day one, he (Updike) knew for a fact that we would seek the incentive,” said Berlin-Ivor Supervisor Ronnie West.

“This is exactly the agreement we’ve been talking about from the first time we met with them,” added Franklin District Supervisor Barry Porter.

Porter said the county will collect $90,000 in taxes from AMAC during its first year in business at a cost of $30,000.

“It was discussed,” Capron District Supervisor Bruce Phillips added.

County officials in October rezoned 20 acres from agriculture to industrial for the plant. AMAC expects to create 26 jobs. Construction could begin during the first or second quarter of 2013 with operations beginning in the third quarter.

AMAC chose the property because it borders Route 460 and a Norfolk Southern rail-line. The company hopes to have stone shipped in by rail and plans to have a 1,700-foot spur built.

This proposed agreement with the county offers AMAC a 50 percent rebate on the machinery and tools taxes and a sliding scale rebate on the electric utility taxes, both for the first 5 years. The agreement also includes rebating all permit fees.

While the company expects to save a total of $150,000, the project is expected to generate $500,000 in tax revenue over the same time period.

After the initial 5 years, the project is expected to generate an average of $40,000 to $50,000 annually in tax revenues, assuming there is no additional investment.

Amanda Jarratt, president and chief executive officer for Franklin Southampton Economic Development Inc., said she began discussing tax incentives with supervisors in August.

“I go over details of every project with supervisors every month,” Jarratt said.

Porter noted that to renege now would have consequences.

“We have a bad reputation in the business community,” he said. “If we deny this, you can kiss it goodbye. If we don’t get businesses in here, you are going to double your real estate taxes in the next 10 years.”




  • kwthorpe

    There he goes again UPDIKE and his bright ideas. That man needs to be run not only out of office but out of the county. I hope the folks in Newsoms wake up and get rid of him before he can do anymore damage. The reason our youth leave is there are no jobs and its men like Updike that keep the jobs and income from this county.I have had the unfortunate experience of being part of organizations where this man has sat on the boards and in a very short time he took something that was well run and productive to our youth and turned it into a pile of trash while he walks away smiling and sadly as long as he is on the board he will do the same to the county. I hope the folks of Newsoms wake up and recall the town idiot and fast.

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  • cowboys22

    the people of Newsomes who voted for Updike should really examine themselves.These decisions are very important to the future of the county.Mr Updike is and has been incompentent for some time. it obvious that none of the people who voted for him had ever heard him speak at public comment sessions of the board or planning commission, just sensless rambling.We need younger people making these decisions, because times have changed and we need to be proactive as a county.We have people making decisions for the county who no longer have control over there own affairs because of age there children are making decisions for them, yet they govern the county. These people dont need jobs or education.We set back and watch other localities move forward and add jobs .For example IW added 1200 jobs last year suffolk continues to add jobss Greenville and emporia are building a megar site.They complain about educating the children then they let them graduate and move elsewhere because there are no jobs here. then we elect idiots to the board who have no idea about how the county is to be run.they own large amount of land and dont want to pay taxes so impose a trash fee on the citizens after they wasted millions on the turner tract.the county is 605 square miles everything dose not need to go in courtland.we paid 35 million dollars for sewage plant we could of had for free.Its time for change before its to late.

    Suggest Removal

  • Masknup

    I say let Updike pay $2000 for the garbage fee! It is because of leadership such as his why my home is for sale in Courtland. I cannot continue to live in a municipality in which the level of leadership is so poor in the local government. We are continually getting the shaft from these so called “leaders” on the Board of Supervisors. Im getting the heck out of SoCo and moving to IOW as soon as I can. And we thought Washington DC was screwed up!

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  • kingradman

    I stand corrected he did explain. But didn’t the original Tn story say they would ask for a tax incentive.? Maybe I am wrong? Anyone????

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  • kingradman

    Maybe Updike had a reason? I didn’t see in the story, Did he? Sgeary I commend you ! Wish everyone had your attitude

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  • sgeary

    As a citizen in the town of Newsoms I would be glad to run against him when his term is up. I would also be happy to replace him if he was recalled.I have had some interactions with him over very petty issues about truck traffic. We have much bigger issues! I am tired of this county always looking to pass the costs off to the citizenry. Spending cuts and streamlining along with bringing more business to the county is the order of the year.

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  • blackwaterpete

    Once again Updike has proved he without a doubt is the village idiot. I knew from the beginning he was the wrong man for the job and the only reason he beat Walt was everyone in the county was pissed off at all the board. Even Faison and Jones would have been gone if a dog had run against them. But to thier credit they saw the handwritting on the wall and moved to progress and not regress. Updike either needs to step down or get witht the program. People of this county are tired of not allowing a business here just because of small glitches here and there that can be overcome. I know JM is laughing his ass off right now in Gates County thinking “Here they go again” Updike listen to this. We the people of Newsomes put you there and we will take you out. It does not take a general election to do so. Enough people wanting you out can do so by pettion and vote someone else in. Like I said in the debate you had you where not the winner by a long shot. Nor did you win because of your brillance but because we were sick of the spending and not enough business coming in to off set our taxes. For me I would gladly call for a recall to replace you. This county needs forward thinkers and we have that now with only one glitch. And guess who that is.

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    • RWH

      Damn you hit the nail on the head! Updike, get it together or get out!

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    • SandMan

      Newmsoms…..not NewsomEs!!!

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      • FromHere

        Newsoms. That’s for telling me to go away. LOL Just playing with you, Sandman.

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  • Maxdoubt

    Unbelievable! Talk about a dime holding up a dollar! Jeopardizing a multi-million dollar project over a $30,000 per year incentive package is loony. I wish I had been there to see all the head-shaking that must have been going on. Thank goodness the other supervisors paid attention. The only way to solve Southampton’s fiscal problems are by growing the economy of the county. A company making millions of dollars in investments and bankrolling a continuing payroll of over $500K per year to local workers is vital to the county at this point. It would be very easy for this company to pick up and move a few miles down the highway to a more reasonable area even at this late date.

    Thank you AMAC for choosing Southampton for your new facility. Thank you Southampton County officials for making our incentive package attractive to this company. $30K per year seems to be a small price for the increased property and equipment tax not to mention the paychecks that will be infused into the local economy.

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    • blackwaterpete

      Here is a little something to add to the fire. I was with some friend from surronding counties last night. Updikes name came up and I was not the one who did it. Anyway they could not figure out how such a man was ever allowed to sit in office. His brainless stupidity is what Southampton was trying to get away from. There words not mine. Maybe a recall is needed but it is going to take someone to start the process that is willing to take it all the way.

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      • Baseball

        William Hart gillette should be the next Man in charge,he is an individual with a head full of knowledge. A very smart person.he has saved the state a pile of money and created many jobs throughtout the state. If you dont know him you should get to know him.

        Suggest Removal

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