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House passes McDonnell’s school grading plan

Published 3:03pm Monday, February 4, 2013



RICHMOND—Gov. Bob McDonnell praised the House after delegates on Monday passed legislation that would provide a simpler way to understand a school’s performance and the state’s accreditation system.

Delegates voted 54-40 to approve a bill that would require the Virginia Board of Education to grade each school on an A-F scale.

“I was pleased by the bipartisan support in the House of Delegates for our common-sense plan to bring more transparency and accountability to Virginia’s public schools,” McDonnell said. “Parents and families will have another tool to advocate for and achieve better schools for their communities. If we aren’t giving students in every ZIP code the opportunity for a world-class education, we have failed them.

The bill is being sponsored by Del. Thomas “Tag” Greason, R-Landsdowne. It is part of McDonnell’s K-12 legislative agenda. Under the bill, the letter grade would be in addition to the more detailed accreditation standards for individual school performance.


  • MyHometown

    As long as there is a different pay scale in each zipcode you will never level the playing field. You can not attract and retain good young educators when they can make more money elsewhere.

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  • Natalya

    Have we dumbed down education to the point the average person can no longer understand a few fairly basic words that tell you if a school is failing or passing. I can see it now, in a few years we will switch to smiley and frowny faces.

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