Franklin City Manager Randy Martin, from left, with Edward Railey, Will Councill, Meghan Councill, Robby Cutchins, Amanda Jarrett, Drew Page, Mandy Hall, Crystal Butler and Larry Brunson during a Wednesday luncheon meeting. SUBMITTED

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Martin speaks during FUEL meeting

Published 11:08am Monday, February 4, 2013

FRANKLIN—Franklin City Manager Randy Martin spoke during a Wednesday luncheon meeting hosted by Franklin Southampton Area Focused United Engaged Leaders.

Martin began working for the city one year ago. Prior to that, he served as city manager for Morehead City, N.C., for 16 years and city manager for King, N.C., for 11 years.

As Franklin’s city manager, he oversees a $52 million annual operating budget and supervises 186 full-time employees.

He and his wife, Sheila, live on Clay Street in Franklin. She is an emergency room nurse.





  • momto2Js

    What is FUEL and what did he say in his speech?

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    • SandMan

      @mom….if you would take the time to read the article, you would see FUEL stands for Focused Untited Engaged Leaders!

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      • mileomore

        Or, rather, make that Focused United Engaged Leaders. This group is comprised of young professional folks who have either remained or returned to the area and who want to unite to make a difference in the quality of life here. Kudos to them… and, please, give them a chance. They are just really getting started.

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  • shocked

    I also thought there would be news- what is the mission of FUEL, what community projects are they working on, etc…

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  • broman

    Was there supposed to be some news in this article ? Slow day ?

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