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No charges to be filed for alleged IOW embezzlement case

Published 1:03pm Friday, February 15, 2013



ISLE OF WIGHT—No one will be charged after an investigation for alleged embezzlement within Isle of Wight County Schools.

“I have reviewed the report, discussed the matter with investigators and met with school personnel,” Commonwealth Attorney Wayne Farmer said Friday. “Based on all information received, it does not appear that criminal charges are appropriate.”

He said this appears to be a school board policy violation, and added the people in the investigation are no longer working for school system.

The issue concerned the disposal of old computer equipment stored away and unused in the schools.



    Finally! I am glad to see an end to this scandalous headline. The newspapers once again jumped to conclusions and made everyone purchase a paper to read the latest news. It puzzles me that the newspapers can finger point but never admit they were wrong.

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    • SandMan

      How did TN “make everyone buy a paper” when we can read it online?
      Taking up for L.W.F., are you?

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  • BlindSquirrel

    I wonder if they were still employed…would they have been charged?

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    • jeronimo

      That doesn’t seem to be the factor in why there are no charges – there is a big difference between violating policy and committing a criminal act.
      Violating policy can get you fired, but not necessarily arrested.

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  • BowHunter

    In other words I know these people.

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