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Qualifying for discount takes too much effort

Published 10:02am Wednesday, February 20, 2013

To the Editor:

Qualification points for garbage fee relief are very intrusive.

I quote from Mr. (Art) Pope’s recent Tidewater news column (“Quite an effort for waiving $200 fee,” Feb. 10).

If met with original documents as proof and all you can expect is consideration for relief to a fee that should have been a tax in the first place the board now adds insult to injury.

The board developed a reduction fee application, which a person must present with the original documents, not copies, to prove what each household is worth.

Statements include salaries, wages, pension, retirement, Social Security, IRAs, interest earned, dividends, SSI, rental income, fuel assistance, food stamps, capital gains, trust-fund income, real estate values, including how many gravesites you own and the worth, automobiles Kelly Blue Book value, savings accounts, savings certificates, checking accounts with account numbers and balances, cash on hand including what you have in your pocket, stocks, bonds, life insurance policies and documented proof of what each one is worth and the cash-in value, property held in trust and any other assets.

Upon gathering all these documents, you go, wait a few hours and turn them in to see if you qualify for a fee reduction consideration. Then, if approved for a review meeting, you go back again to find out how much of a reduction on the $200 fee you qualify for.

All of this to save face for a very stupid act on the part of the board of supervisors in the first place. If the dollars were really necessary they should have been instituted as a “tax.”

John Murphy

  • kingradman

    we didnt get rid of all of them

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  • FromHere

    I shake my head sometimes over comments about elected officials. Granted, some need to be replaced, but there is ALWAYS the comment about voting out the current and finding somebody new. Do people realize that they will never ever ever have anyone that does exactly what each individual person wants them to do every time? We elect these people to act on behalf of the county’s survival as a whole. They’re not perfect, but the next ones won’t be either. This board is far better than the last one we had. Remember? We voted these in so we could get rid of the old ones????

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  • kingradman

    Don, your right, I will remember. Someone will step up, this I know

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  • DonVader

    Yes the Voters “should” remember this next Election Cycle…the questions is, will we? We also need quality candidates to run against the incumbants.

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  • Second Opinion

    best way to avoid it all is to not create any trash , but that takes effort too.

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  • kingradman

    Mr Murphy, AGREED!!! the voters should remeber this “GARBAGE TAX” next election cycle

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