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Man, 21, charged with having sex with 15-year-old

Published 9:54am Friday, February 22, 2013

FRANKLIN—A 21-year-old Franklin man is accused of having sex with a 15-year-old girl between September and February, Franklin police said.

Although consensual, Brice M. Murphy of 1698 Dorchester Square Apartments, H2, was charged because she is a minor, said Lt. Tim Whitt.

Murphy is charged with three counts of sexual intercourse with a child 15 years or older.


  • Unknown2

    Brice is a man!

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  • shocked
  • Makalani

    RE: “Although consensual, Brice M. Murphy of 1698 Dorchester Square Apartments, …”
    RE: “..they will say we are nitpicking.”

    It is not “picking nits” if one is 10,000% absolutely “el correcto!”
    Surely the TN writers have on their ‘big boy’ pants/’big girl’ dresses and are not offended by constructive criticism.

    Ray Charles — if he wasn’t both blind and dead — would probably agree that the sentence in question is a grammatical disaster. It should be prominently displayed in the “Journalism Grammatical Error Hall of Shame!”

    Copy writers and proofreaders normally have reporters’ ‘grammatical backs.’ If not — we would probably see grammatical miscues up the ‘wazoo.’

    Perhaps the TN proofreader was on that disabled cruise ship and is still a little discombobulated! lol

    At any rate — to question a reporter’s credibility based on bad grammar is probably unfair.
    Reporting is not akin to writing a novel where reporters can just make up facts as they go along.
    A story such as this is public info and can be easily verified by checking the PoPo blotter.

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  • chilimac72

    You are a pig!

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  • bobs94

    Well if she was a virgin he could offer her father 50 silver pieces and marry her and he would be good.

    Deuteronomy 22:28-29

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  • nativegirl

    I’m confused. Is Brice Murphy consensual and a girl? Sentence 2 indicates both.

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    • Ethan

      Good catch. Since the subject of the sentence is “Brice M. Murphy” then the dependent clause (“Although consensual”) must be referring to him. And the only noun (actually noun phrase) for “she” to refer to is the name, Brice must be a she.

      I have noticed that journalist’s writing skills are deteriorating, and not just in local media. This is amazing considering that writing is the lifeblood of journalism. I understand that if the reporter was quoting someone they have to write it as spoken and therefore include any bad grammar by the speaker. But in this case, it was a paraphrase and therefore the responsibility to write it correctly falls on the reporter.

      I am sure that if anyone else comments, they will say we are nitpicking. But I see poor writing by a journalist to be a sign of incompetence and therefore causes me to question the accuracy of the content of the story.

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    • broman

      I’m afraid Mr/Ms ‘Staff Reports’ doesn’t communicate very well.

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  • olbones

    This ought to be interesting, we had a trooper was was charged with the same thing and he lost his job, but now is a county deputy, wonder how this guy will fare!!!!!!!!!!!!

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