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Newsoms woman hurt in crash

Published 10:42am Tuesday, February 26, 2013

COURTLAND—A Newsoms woman was released Monday from Southampton Memorial Hospital after the car she was driving landed into a water-filled ditch at 2:22 p.m. Sunday, Southampton County Sheriff’s Office reported.

Margaret Doss, 89, lost control of her Ford station wagon on General Thomas Highway before Shady Brook Trail, Major Gene Drewery said.


  • RACN35

    the DMV should take every persons license when they turn 75 …. retest to get it back … then every 90 days retest until they die , crash or kill someone…

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    • smoke14

      Is this not a little harsh. Some older folks know their limits. For all you know the lady lost control of her car because some teenager or drunk driver ran her off the road or had a flat tire.

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    • Lindsay Pitts

      @RACN35 looks like someone should have taken your burger away! Claudehavemercy!

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    • 23851reader

      @RACN35 – Let’s revisit that suggestion when you turn 75.

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