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Lamenting high heating bills

Published 10:41am Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Everyone laments high heating bills, and the increased expense hits those with low incomes especially hard. Unfortunately, when the mercury dips and the thermostat settings rise, a higher utility bill is inevitable. There are several variables that can contribute to increased heating costs in the winter months, among them the quality of a home’s construction, how well it is insulated, and how cold are the temperatures.

Southside residents are understandably upset that their heating costs have gone up significantly this winter, and asking for assistance and answers from the city, which provides residents with their public utilities, is well within their rights.

The suggestion made by some Southside community leaders that the city is intentionally billing low-income citizens with higher rates is misguided. The suggestion made by others that the city is intentionally targeting black residents is completely out of line.

The south side of the city is not the only part of town experiencing significantly higher heating bills this winter; several residents in other neighborhoods have reported higher bills as well. Community leaders would do well to get answers before making accusations.

  • Liberty With Responsibility

    did anyone notice where the essay above said these victims are “well within their rights” to ask for assistance from the city? What kind of “assistance” are we talking about here? I have a feeling it means “money.”

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  • stanleycr1

    Some people are cold all the time and are not self disciplined enough to let there bodies adapt so they keep the thermostat set at 80 degrees all winter and wonder why there bills are high. Yes they are victims. Victims of themselves.

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  • employee2

    Thanks. No one seems to think “they” are at fault. They set the thermostat temp, they choose how long to stay in the shower, they don’t check for/and fix leaks around windows. They are just victims.

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  • handkusp45

    You use the term “community leaders” very loosely. I would hate to think anyone so misguided as to think that utility rates are higher for blacks than whites is a leader of anything.

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    • happycamper

      Unless one uses the old saw, “The blind leading the blind.”

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