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PDCCC’s new career development centers serve the region

Published 9:28am Friday, March 15, 2013

Finding a job today can be difficult. Even with stellar credentials, job seekers may need help in navigating the path to gaining a job that they love. In our region, there are literally hundreds of jobs available … but the job seekers must have the right skill sets and they must be “interview-ready” in order to have their goal of obtaining employment achieved.

And that’s where the Paul D. Camp Community College’s Career Development Center comes in!

Our Centers offer services free-of-charge to the public. With services being provided at four locations, it’s easier than ever to get needed help with not only education and training, but job search resumes and interviews. We also work closely with local employers to determine their needs to assist job seekers in becoming the best candidates for these positions. We have available staff at our Franklin Campus in Room 128; at our Workforce Development Center Room in Franklin in Room 210D; at our Hobbs Suffolk Campus in Room 101A; and at the Smithfield Center.

For students, the objectives of the Career Development Center are:

• Provide preparation for a professional job search. This preparation will be timely and specific; it will teach students to be self-reliant, while providing students with concrete information, ideas and job leads.

• Maximize employment opportunities. While continuing to provide a first-class traditional recruiting operation, the Center will develop new and innovative ways to connect students with potential employers.

• Provide workshops and one-on-one assistance to include: Individual educational and career plans, assistance with admissions and funding, referrals to supportive services, resume and cover letter assistance, interviewing skills, and assistance with Labor Market Information and job search.

For employers, the Career Development Center provides the following services:

• Prepared and professional candidates

• Opportunities to create and fill job internships

• Personalized, pro-active, flexible and professional services

• Assist employers in their efforts to effectively recruit our students

• And the ability to create customized training for current and future employees

Our Center is an important resource and an essential link between education and employment.


Have you ever wondered what jobs are out there; how much do they pay and what education and experience they require? What would I enjoy doing and which jobs are best for me?

The Career Development Center uses the Virginia Education Wizard to conduct three quick and easy assessments that determine not only what you would be good at, but also what you’ll enjoy doing. Our goal is to help you determine your future career, and work backwards to develop that career path with possible skills and training. We then find the best school and program to fit your needs and assist you with registration and obtaining funding through various sources. Career Exploration is easier than ever, and the possibilities are endless! What would you like to do?


The Paul D. Camp Community College Career Development Center offers the following workshops: Basic Computer Skills; Career Exploration; Building Your Resume, Cover Letter & E-mail; Personal Finance; Navigating the Job Search; Interviewing and & Other Soft Skills; and Change your mind (set), change your life; and an Ex-Offenders Transition.

We provide these workshops free to the public because we value our local businesses and companies and want to assist our community in obtaining those jobs to the best of their ability. They are not just for our students, but our students’ families and friends in our community who are looking for work or better work.  Even though these workshops are referred to as “Job Readiness” workshops, anyone can benefit from attending.


The Career Development Center is helping both our students and local employers by creating valuable internships.  The students are able to get hands-on experience in the field from professionals while the employers get help.  The employers are contributing to a more qualified workforce by training the students about the ins and outs in real-world applications. We currently have internships for Pharmacy Tech, Medical Office Specialist, and the Medical Billing & Coding programs, but are working with faculty and employers to expand our internships. Our goal is that every student has the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in their field of study.

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