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Franklin gets new tool to attract business

Published 10:19am Friday, April 5, 2013


FRANKLIN—Franklin has officially been added to a list of localities that would allow businesses connected to the Port of Virginia to locate or expand and be eligible to apply for grants based on jobs created.

House Bill 1327, introduced by Del. Rick Morris, added Franklin to the Port of Virginia Economic and Infrastructure Development Zone Grant Fund. Franklin was originally on the list of localities when the zone was created, but due to a clerical error was left off.

President and Chief Executive Officer of the Franklin-Southampton Economic Development Inc. Amanda Jarratt is glad to see the error corrected.

“This is another tool we can use to market to potential business and industry,” Jarratt said. “This allows us to take part in this program and market it as it develops.”

The Port of Virginia Economic and Infrastructure Development Zone Grant Program will provide grants ranging between $1,000 per new job, for companies that create 25 or more new jobs, to $3,000 per job, for companies that create 100 or more jobs.

Companies involved in the distribution, manufacturing, warehousing or wholesaling of goods shipped into or out of the port, as well as companies involved in marine construction, ship building and repair, and other aspects of maritime commerce that expand or locate a facility within the zone will be eligible for a grant provided they meet the job-creation requirements.

  • Makalani

    RE: “1” — Goes without saying! No comment necessary! 10,000% agreement.
    RE: “2”– Clumps of unsavory characters hanging out in otherwise peaceful — residential neighborhoods — preying on — annoying and victimizing law-abiding — hard-working citizens/homeowners can be found in almost any town. If that was a disqualifying criteria — very few towns would get new businesses/industry!

    Hopefully –the Washington St.-area-thug/druggie-trash won’t deter businesses from locating into the recently rezoned 58/South St. business corridor.

    RE: “3” — Surely what few Black merchants (and their employees) that are left on South St. and in the rest of Franklin would be among Franklin’s biggest boosters if questioned by prospective business/industry scouts looking to relocate. Ditto with the majority of Franklin’s other businesses/merchants and their associates!

    I can’t imagine a Sprawl-Mart cart wrangler/associate telling some out-of-town business executive not to relocate into the Pretlow Industrial Park because thug/druggie trash hangs out in the Washington St. area! lol

    PS: Thank you for not responding to and trying to justify your ill-conceived ‘stereotype by inference:’ “Businesses like to open places that have an intelligent,responsible workforce.”
    You maligned/smeared — by inference — a whole group based on the actions of a few dozen utility billing protestors.

    Stereotypes — even ones by inference — NEVER stand up to scrutiny/logic!

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    • employee2

      You completely missed my point. I was not talking about asking them why we should re-locate/ start a branch in Franklin. I was talking about the transaction between customer and employee, how they work, and other customer relations criteria. Example: poor service and response from employee’s @ say MacDonald’s. Courteous attentive employeee’s are good. Rude, unattentive, employee’s leave a bad impression. A bad first impression is hard to erase.

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  • Makalani

    RE: “Businesses like to open places that have an intelligent, responsible workforce…”

    10,000% agreement with the premise of this statement. But given the tenor/totality of the poster’s remarks — 10,000% disagreement with the inference therein.

    The inference is that the people who are protesting high utility bills are representative of Franklin’s workforce and are both “unintelligent, irresponsible.”

    Three questions for the poster:
    What accounts for the paucity of industry locating to Franklin prior to the utility billing protests putting Franklin in “a negative light?”

    If by inference — Franklin has an “irresponsible and unintelligent” workforce — isn’t FSEDI wasting its time and taxpayer $$s?

    Are you in the workforce that — by inference — you stereotype as being irresponsible and unintelligent?

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    • employee2

      1. School test scores.
      2. The area across the street from Washington street.
      3. going to local stores and businesses. A lot can be learned about an area from talking to store associates.

      Businesses use lots of tools including their ears and eyes before commiting major money in relocating/starting a business in the area.

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  • employee2

    The recent uproar over the electric billing is not going to help. Businesses like to open places that have an intelligent,responsible workforce. All the claims of partial/false electric bills create an uninviting, negative view of Franklin.

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  • obxstylist

    Cutting taxes and regulations attract business.

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