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Southampton Academy takes over top spot in poll

Published 11:43am Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Courtland—On the strength of a 10-1 record, the Southampton Academy baseball team has risen to the number one spot in the Virginia Independent Schools Athletic Association poll released on Monday. The Raiders, who had previously been ranked number two in the VISAA Division III state poll, took over the top spot from Kenston Forest, who dropped to number two. Isle of Wight Academy held on to the number three position with a record of 6-6, while Tidewater Academy at 5-4 dropped a spot to number five.

  • bdhthethird

    They play 8-man football in the North Carolina Independent Schools Association. Only 9 other teams play in that division. 9 total in the whole “state”. They were “state” champs over 9 other teams.

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    • Sedley Sam

      You’re a hater too. they played 12 football games and won all 12. Now your right that it took only 9 teams to “construct” their league or “state” but it doesn’t lessen the accomplishment. For any football team to win 12 straight games is a real feat. And “8-man” is not a lesser game than 11-man, both played with the same rules. The field is still 100 yards. the reason they play 8man is not looking for lesser competition but because the amount of players available is too low to play 11man and sustain a team for the whole season. Most 11 man rosters are 45 players or larger, SA had 22 using 5 9th graders to reach that total. So i think that makes their season even more amazing.

      Before you get on your soapbox about how many athletes on the team were from public school backgrounds i will tell you all those players were “melted” into an already superb team.These boys were contenders last year but not allowed to play in play-offs because it was their first year back in the league.
      I bet they could play any single A 11 man team in the state and compete if those teams players were held to the same academic standards. Thats right the local “great single a team” has lowered academic requirements twice to fill the team. Some of those athletes are in “special education” classes and still struggle in the classroom BUT they’re on the football field every friday night!?!?!

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      • bdhthethird

        They should be proud of what they accomplished. I was responding to the “state” champs comment below. What they did is more in line with a district/conference championship against 9 other very small private academies.

        Comparing the local teams was not my intention but since you brought it up; If you believe they would stand a chance against Franklin in an 8 or 11 man game, then you are wrong. Franklin would beat them soundly. It would not be a contest.

        You seem to think you know a lot about the academic transcripts of children at a public school. I would guess you know next to nothing about any of the kids representing Franklin on athletic fields.

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  • simplifyingit

    newly crowned football state champs on a run for a baseball title too?

    in the words of Billy Currington “Must be doing something right”

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    • billyboy

      I have a daughter on the softball team….the lone senior….and the only Freshman on the baseball team…who’s slowly working his way into the DH position…..Yes we ARE doing something right at SA…..This week will tell though….After being cancelled due to the weather yesterday at Fuqua….who we were lucky to beat in extra innings at SA….we have to play consecutive AWAY games on consecutive days-at Fuqua tomorrow and at Kenston Forest on Thursday… them BOTH….and we’re in the drivers seat!! Fortunately for us….unless there are control issues….our pitching staff is deep enough to handle it….We’ll know for sure Thursday night after the game(s)!! GO RAIDERS!!

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