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Schools should be fully funded

Published 12:40pm Saturday, April 20, 2013

To The Editor:

If you go by the comments by a majority of the Southampton County Board of Supervisors at there budget meetings. They appear to be set to turn a deaf ear to the school’s Superintendent and School Boards request for additional funding for the 2013-2014 school year.

After the drastic cuts in teachers and staff this year there is a need for additional funding. There are no drastic requests, a Math teacher a Spanish teacher and I believe three other teacher and staff positions. Just the basic needs to educate our children.

There is also a request for a 2% raise for teachers. 80% of this raise is funded by the state, 20% by the county. If the county does not match the state funding, the state funding will be lost, no raise for teachers.

If you are a Parent or a Grandparent of one of the 2846 students in Southampton public schools, or you just believe in a strong and devoted education system, your action is needed!

Attend the Southampton County Board of Supervisors meeting next Wednesday, April 24. The date, time, and location should be in paper.

Call the members of the Southampton County Board of Supervisors. Ask them to support our schools. If they do not here from us they assume we don’t care.

John Burchett
Courtland, Virginia

  • kingradman

    Schools here are terrible.

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    • chilimac72

      Embarrassingly, they are not the worst school even in our region. Believe it or not (which is why they feel they can cut the budget) it is one of the better in our region. There are many good things about our schools. I wish they could do better at cleaning house and getting the bad teachers out. There are great teachers within our schools (SoCo) but politics keeps the poor teachers there earning the same pay check.

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  • 1stAmendment

    It is sad that more residents and representatives of this county do not understand that citizens who look to move here care about the education system. In other areas parents buy their house based on the zip code to make sure they get their children into the best the county/city has to offer.

    Not only is there no choice here, but the Board of Supervisors is determined to keep us in the dark ages. After all, it was good enough for them. But this is the same board that resists being computerized and on line because they don’t know how to use the technology. News Flash: If you are starting out job hunting today, you do not get interviewed let alone offered a job if you are not technology current.

    Without language teachers, our students will be unable to attend college as that is a requirement.

    I was at a state meeting recently – when I shared some of our statistics, without my identifying my area, the Chairman said: “Oh, your reputation precedes you. You must be from Southampton County.”

    Boy, was I embarrassed.

    Spend the money on our schools NOW. You say none of your constitutients will agree for a tax increase? I will. FUND OUR SCHOOLS.

    I vote, and I pay taxes. You want my vote? Fund our schools.

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    • chilimac72

      My concern is why do they have to raise taxes? That is the answer to everything, which is how they are getting away with approving nothing. Find some areas to make cuts. Repeatedly, we see accusations of how there is a misuse of funds in the county. The problem is there are too many “hook-ups” when it comes to contracts. Fund the Schools and do it by cleaning up the budget which is what you ran on.

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  • kingradman

    They are more concerned about tipping fees

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