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Citizen group files request for answers

Published 11:18am Wednesday, April 24, 2013


FRANKLIN— The Concerned Citizens Against High Utility Bills group has taken legal steps to find answers to some of their questions regarding the city’s electrical system and department.

The group’s spokesperson Dr. Linwood Johnson filed a Freedom of Information Act request during Monday’s City Council meeting. A FOIA is filed to view public records.

“I also request an opportunity to view, or obtain a copy of all forms certifying that all procedures were properly followed, and all notes and work product related to my complaint,” Johnson said.

The group wants information on the following:

• How many electric department complaints has the city received within the last four months?

• What was the nature of the complaints? Please state as a summary; i.e., payment problem, meter complaint, etc.

• What actions were taken to resolve the complaints?

• Does the City of Franklin have the equipment to test their meters for proper operation? Load test, Electrical Arc test, Radio control meter reading test

• The date(s) the meters was checked for accuracy.

• The method(s) used to check the meters for accuracy.

• The identity and certification(s) of the employee that checked the meter for accuracy.

• How often is the equipment that is used to test meters for accuracy and proper function calibrated for accuracy?

• Did the city calibrate the test equipment before testing the residence’s electricity load? If yes, the date the test equipment was calibrated.

• Did the city test the meters for arc problems?

• Was the residence checked for grounding problems?

“Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter,” Johnson said.

  • stirit

    hat they should be asking is how come their cable bill went up and how come there is no control on Insurance cost for property and vehicles. These cost are getting out of control but no one seems too concerned about that.

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  • gs

    The city can charge for the FOI request based on the time an employee spends on gathering this information. If they cannot pay the utility bill, how will they pay for the FOI request?

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  • handkusp45

    Some questions that should be asked:
    Is the house insulated?
    What condition are the doors and windows in?
    What type of heating and air conditioning are being used?
    What temperature is the thermostat set?
    How many TV sets are left constantly running?
    And what color is their Lexus?
    (I added the last question just for fun)

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