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Nurses, teachers deserve gratitude

Published 11:11am Wednesday, May 8, 2013

This week we celebrate both National Nurses Week and Teacher Appreciation Week. While both professions are well deserving of recognition in their own right, perhaps it is fitting that they are being celebrated at the same time. Nurses and teachers have two of the most demanding, exhausting and thankless jobs imaginable. Yet the personal rewards can be some of the greatest.

The love for their craft is only surpassed by the love they have for those they serve, be it patients or students. Both nurses and teachers spend their days, and often their nights, saving and changing lives. They often do their best work under the most difficult of circumstances, and those who benefit often do not realize the importance of the care they received until it is over. The lives they touch are often better off because of the nurse or teacher who gave more than they were asked to give.

There are certainly professions more glamorous and financially rewarding than nursing and teaching, but it is hard to think of many others whose benefit to their fellow man is so profound. It is truly a special person who will dedicate his or her life to such a noble calling. This week, we thank the men and women who have chosen to do just that.

  • JustWondering

    Thank you for this article; wish it had been front page news because our teachers work so hard every day. I commend nurses, too. What very special people they are. Thank you, again.

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  • mason

    Fourth and fifth, too!

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  • LAW86

    I second and third that! Where would each of us be if there weren’t kindhearted people who wanted to teach us how to be productive members of society? (That goes for parents, too!) And don’t get me started on nurses! As one, I can say we see people at their very worse! And it always makes us so ecstatic when we get see our patients get well!

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  • mom22

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